Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Slow Bell Boy

The dogs are barking next door. The sound of logging and dump trucks might just be the trigger for making the dogs agitated. To me it is just the sound of morning here in the valley on a hill. The sound of Buddy's nails tapping upon the wooden floor alerts me that she is up and moving, well at least for a while. It is a quiet morning and a beautiful day.

I went to sleep very early last night because it had been a full day. With the a/c going out on Monday night, sleep was restless and not very deep. Roy, having his injury from earlier in the day, was hurting so I did all the things he would have normally done to make the house a little cooler. There wasn't any wind and the humidity high, so no reason to open the windows and lose what cool we had but turning down the a/c downstairs did help circulate air. Tuesday morning we had an appointment with a generator guy from Hendersonville. It looks good to install a propane generator that pretty much is like the one we have in Katy, only it is natural gas run there. It also is comforting to know we will also keep cool during the spring and summer storms here. The electricity went out about four times in a two week period this summer several hours at a time. Next Wednesday the Blossman guy comes out to give us an estimate on the propane tank and running the line. Now we will have a propane tank next to the driveway...incentive for backing onto the driveway straight for those who visit. We went this direction because the propane fireplace just wasn't going to work but I did find a solution for that as well. For some it is about the heat but it is also about the ambiance. I found the compromise of both those things, a Duralog electric log insert for the fireplace which can also heat about 400 square feet. It won't exactly look like fire but when we want to go to bed, we just turn the thing off and not have to concern ourselves with ashes and waiting for the fire to go out. That's a winning compromise in my book!

We can also recommend the Bojangles Cajun chicken sandwich...I just added that recommendation for free. Bojangles also has good fries and biscuits.

The A/C guy got here about 2;30 and fortunately it was just a unit low on refrigerant. My friend Gwen recommended this company and we really liked them. Think we are going to sign up for the maintenance plan too to help get the most life we can get from these 2005 units. We have knocked a whole lot off the to do list.

I have enjoyed all the pictures on FB of friends getting their Blue Bell on. Three ice cream flavors hit the stores in the Houston area on Monday. They carry Blue Bell up here but no one seems to be pining away for it. There are so many local dairies here that sell ice cream, I have not missed Blue Bell, but I will tell you what I am missing, cheese enchiladas from Tony's or Molina's and Los Tios. This is how desperate I am,  does anyone have a recipe for cheese enchiladas with chili gravy?

Well, I'm off to meet friends at their campsite. Just for lunch...because even here my belief and saying are still true; my idea of roughing it is a slow bell boy.

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