Sunday, September 20, 2015

It Was.......

I'm kind of having a Dickensian moment this morning, feeling that it is the best of times and the worst of times. Best of times because LSU beat Auburn soundly yesterday and Ole Miss beat Alabama in the wee hours of the morning. I didn't stay up to watch all the game but I did check the score around 4:00 am when Buddy woke me up and neither one of us could get comfortable to go back to sleep. The worst of times happened last night as I was carrying some stuff out of the bonus room and tripped over the recumbent bike and I dropped, rolled, covered myself into the gray chair. Cue Carol King singing I Feel the Earth Move Under My Feet.  You would think the chair would have cushioned my fall and it did somewhat. My shoulders, knees and left hip are really sore this morning. My toes and feet hurt from the fall as well. It hurts to sit for very long at a time thus I have decided not to go to church this morning. I feel like a truck ran over me and also have that hungover feeling. Sparkling water and Diet Coke were my drinks of choice last night. This week I have found myself in a catch 22 situation by feeling so much better my brain overrides my body and thinks I can do stuff like I always did...then reality hits, the ground and the chair. I do think I will make my after church Target run a little earlier than planned today. The heated seat in the car will feel oh so very good.

Friday night I wrestled with a fancy smancy heat lamp for the front porch. There was nothing at all simple about the assembly. Also the underneath part of the lamp's bottom had cracked in shipment which by the end of assembly, the sand to add weight to the lamp was all over the front porch. I am so glad I put the lamp together out there. I have a call into the manufacturer to see if I can get a replacement for the bottom of the lamp. At this point I do not want to un-assemble and ship it back.  My luck with online ordering of lamps has been abysmal thus no more ordering lamps online.

For the third day in a row I changed my original plans for the day and for three days I have been happy with those changes. Yesterday, afternoon I decided to get out for a bit and take a drive. Many times these drives are mainly to talk with the Lord about things I am puzzled with or having a lack of faith over. No, yesterday was just to get out and appreciate the beginning of the turning of the leaves. There is a fiery red hue throughout the landscape.  I took the river road to Marshall and then spent some time on the island just taking in the beauty and mountain sounds. Then, since I wasn't too sure about a back way home, I drove back on the river road over to Bear Creek road and drove to Redmon Baptist Church, took a few pictures and came back home for the second attempt at making cheese enchiladas like Tony's or Los Tios. The enchiladas were better but my chili gravy wasn't as good as my first try. So taking all that in stride, the third time has to be the charm.

The past mornings right before waking I have had two vivid dreams. They are probably all vivid but I don't remember them. But these dreams were rather close to the truth and came from the deep recesses. It's weird that long ago fears and difficult situations that haven't had a conscience thought in so long can come right back to the forefront of the mind. Both mornings someone on FB has quoted the Lamentations verse about God's mercies being new every morning. There is all kinds of junk on FB but I love how God can use anything to His glory. Both mornings that verse nipped my temptation to give more thought to the things in the dreams than they deserved. One dream was a dental dream. Ugh! The other had to do with a difficult person who has long been out of my life and no it wasn't my father. Oh my goodness, just read the verse on Twitter this morning. Guess, I need to meditate and take in all the richness of that verse.

Last week in Sunday School we talked about how God put us over the land and be good stewards of the land and animals. I feel like I have been living that out this week in keeping peace in the backyard. A black and white cat has showed up regularly looking for a bird in the thrill of the hunt. At first I thought maybe he was a stray but after trying to give it some food and it wasn't interested I realized it is probably a neighborhood cat doing what cats like to do. He is friendly enough to me. Comes up and greets me each time I see it outside. Sadly, he just has one eye that works. But, not thinking I am like God but my feelings toward the cat is, any chipmunk or squirrel is fair game but you must not eat of the birds. The cardinals are back with some of their young and there is also a young cardinal couple that has joined the lunch bunch here in the backyard. I just looked out the window and saw the biggest blue jay I have ever seen. Those birds are mean and maybe it has been sent for sentry duty here at the Ander House.

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