Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Now a Word From the Halt but Not The Lame

Good morning from your halt and lame person but so happy that I feel better than I did yesterday. My fragrance choice of the weekend were essential oils mixed with a hint of Icy Hot. Mmmm....divine fragrance that can't be beat. Thankfully, it is working and that will probably be the fragrance of Monday as well. The fragrance of 2015 with the oils and the fragrance of my athletic days all rolled into one.

It is an overcast morning, kind of rare here of late. It is cooler today but the look is a primer for the days ahead of fall and winter. Two of my favorite seasons. Fall just because you get to say autumnal more than usual and winter has its own beauty when the trees and vegetation are in dormancy. The view opens wider and more specifically when you are able to see through the trees to find details you have missed in spring in summer. In winter when we see color we focus on it in contrast to the gray surroundings. I love having a more intense vision of God's creation. It seems more personal and not as overwhelming as brilliant colors in varieties of green which of course is beautiful. Can you tell I am excited that this year I get to experience four distinct seasons! I am truly grateful for Roy's generosity and sacrifice to let me have this experience.

Last night I made the decision that pushing and placing a trash bin by the side of the road did not appeal at all to the halt and lame, So, trash bag city and two bags of recyclables were put into the car and I drove down to deposit said trash. The normally busy road was rather quiet and serene, so I didn't have rush and then hold onto the mailboxes as the cars and trucks rush by. The sky was brilliant with sun streaks beaming through the clouds, so it occurred to me that a drive along roads with a sunset view seemed to be in order. Oh my, it was a Psalm 8 kind of ride where you turn down the radio and take in the majesty and glory of the Lord.

It is now Tuesday evening and I have upgraded my condition to halt. I did get out today where as I stayed home all day yesterday taking care of little things that need to be done before friends come on Thursday. I have a couple of big things left to do but that can wait till tomorrow. I took some big boxes to the dump, picked up the mail and the mother lode of magazines that just arrived. Stopped in at WalMart and then had a late lunch at Tommy's. Since then I have returned home, fed the birds, watered the birds and kept an eye out for the black and white cat. I have also been working in the kitchen, not cooking, but rearranging things.

I am really tired because for two mornings in a row Buddy has been bright and chipper at 4:00 am. It takes me a while to go back to sleep and this morning I toyed with the idea of just getting up but hey I didn't want to set a precedent and Buddy start believing that this strategy of hers will work. She is not a big throw up cat like most but she did leave me a little gift this morning in the hallway.  That will wake one up wet gooey food. Oh Buddy is on the lookout for falling leaves now, She totally missed the bunny and then the squirrel drinking out of the bird bath.

There is so much more that I could blog about right now but work is calling me and I don't always respond to the call...but you know company is a coming.

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