Monday, August 31, 2015

Adventuresome Life

The time has gone by so quickly these past few days. We have gotten so many things done but I think our star player has received an injury and is now down for the count. He began the day weed eating the back and as much of the front as he could do. This morning he also worked on a stump, that really is such a descriptive but strange word, any way, he worked on a stump that had been covered over in vegetation. He didn't feel the pull then but as the day has gone on, Mrs. I have had just about every knee problem ever, has diagnosed him with an inflamed bursa sac. I'm not a professional, but I certainly have seen a lot of them in my day. If I had taken better care of my knees, I could have taken all the money I have spent on knee doctors and become an Orthopedist. Oh well....

It is looking very doubtful that we will be able to convert the fireplace to gas which up here means propane. So, when life hands you bad make another choice of how to combat the problem. We have an appointment in the morning with a different firm to see what our options are.

Yesterday morning we went to Sunday School and church. I cannot say it often enough, but I love my class. We have such fun together. Pastor Jeff brought another great sermon. Roy said he is going to bring a note taking notebook with him next time because he was running out of room on the bulletin. We did the KFC buffet for lunch and as always it was good. Then we went to Target to pick up a few things with hundreds of our new best friends. We had contemplated a few other errands but both of us decided a Sunday afternoon nap sounded better. My nap was longer but Roy soon was outside working on things. While I was gone to choir he changed out filters, folded sheets and started washing clothes. And for all these things I am thankful! When we came out of choir it was raining and all of us are thankful for the rain. It must have rained off and on all night. Vivian brought with her to choir two slices of the most delicious peach pound cake that ever crossed these lips. Delicious!

Tonight we sliced peaches and got apples ready to go. I will get them into the freezer tomorrow night. We both have eaten way off our natural course of meals so we both decided that making a peach cobbler could wait until another time. We've hung pictures and hauled off boxes. Yes, we live the adventuresome life, but I wouldn't trade it.

The choir sang tonight at the veteran's home. I remembered to pray for them and we were hopeful to make it tonight but when Roy went down with the bursitis, we knew it would be an evening in. I hate to miss out on these opportunities but more thankful to stay home and take care of hubby.

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