Monday, August 10, 2015

Cousin Time

This afternoon has had off and on rain showers. It is good because we need the rain but I'm hoping that my cousins trip to the Biltmore today hasn't been slowed down by rain. The showers have been of the scattered variety.

It was cousin weekend at The Ander House.  Doug, my brother, cousins Mark and Carol and Lois and Scott arrived on Friday night.  They were in for a treat because Vivian cooked and brought over on Thursday a downright, wonderful southern supper. I picked up a honey baked ham on Friday to complete the the meal. On Saturday we meandered over to Waynesville and John and Becky, fresh off I 40 met us for a late lunch on Hazelwood Ave. We had great fun and I guess we were a little loud because a table of two ladies asked to move elsewhere. We did the Waynesville thing, Robin Blu, Mast General Store, Barber Orchard and Mud Dabbers.  The Brevard Mud Dabbers is better. We returned home, rested and some unpacked...then we had that delicious taste treat of Gas Station Pizza for supper. I do believe I converted my brother to gas station pizza. Sunday morning I went to Sunday School and then Doug and Becky came to the 11:00 service. The others, un-named, remained at home. Since Pastor Jeff is preaching out of Revelation, you know the service can't end at noon...especially as his series is the Letters to the Seven Churches. If you come here a visit to Moose Cafe is always a great option for lunch or supper and since Lois and Scott were heading back to Georgia and we'd be close enough to the Biltmore to get the tickets for Monday, Moose was a great location and choice. We said our goodbyes and then headed over to the ticket office...since it was just after 4:00 and admission is free after 5:00 with a pass holder or rather everyone in the car with a pass holder, we decided to go do what Doug would enjoy and we went to the Antique Tobacco Barn and walked around till almost 5:00. Then we returned to the Biltmore and went to the creamery for some of their delicious ice cream.  We did the drive around the estate sans the house and garden and since it would still be open, we went to the winery. By this time I was pretty much hitting the wall energy-wise and told the group to go on, I would be there eventually. The shop had a few new things and they all had the opportunity to taste some of the wines.

This morning Doug left at 5:15 to be in Chattanooga for business meetings and I suggested the back way over and he was not disappointed. The scenery is breathtaking. The rest of us stirred and got up a little later and then cousins were out the door for the day at Biltmore. The chair that I had ordered in May was delivered this afternoon and so I have hung out here getting things picked up and beds made for the next group that will be arriving. Feeling pretty good I won't have to do it all at once. As I have settled down this afternoon, bird watching has been quite enjoyable and Buddy seems very content that she has full run of the house right now.

It is kind of funny to think that we five cousins are now the old ones now. One day we were the kids sitting upstairs trying to send one of us down stealth like to hear what the adults were talking about. We were never successful, because Grandma and Grandpa's stairs had too many creaks and squeaks in them to be very silent and sneak down stairs. It was quite entertaining yesterday as Doug and Carol sat in the very back of Sequisha, finally used that third row, as they bantered and teased one another. I had great fun being a tour guide and sharing with my brother and cousins, this land that I so love. We are discussing the next cousin weekend next year and it might just be more centrally located...maybe in the land that Becky and John know and love, Branson.

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