Saturday, August 29, 2015

Saturday Morning Catch Up

Ah, Friday morning. My heart and home are full, the day is bright and God's mercies are new every morning. We have lots to do today but we knocked a few things off the list yesterday. Roy installed Windows 10 and we made a dent into the wood chip pile. Underneath the wood chips, we found a huge mound of old mulch that had never been spread out and it must have been that way for a long time by the looks of it. Jennifer did not come down and talk with us but Roy is planning on going up there and talk with her. While we drove home yesterday Roy and I talked about shrubs or large going plants that we could put on our part of the land that grows out and makes more of a  property line kind of thing, yet they will hold their ground and not grow so tall.

The drive north to Tri Cities is much calmer than driving south to GSP. Although GSP is much nicer than Tri-Cities. TN gasoline is cheaper than what is in Houston. We ate Mexican food and then I was so happy to have help at the grocery store especially with the drinks, you know waters and Diet Cokes.

As in true Monablog tradition, it is now Saturday morning. Play that funky music mountain boys is going on down on the front part of our property. They are clearing out the front forty, feet that is. Roy was able to talk with Josh, another neighbor, and he was so nice and totally fine with the trash pine trees going the way of mulch. So far Jennifer has not come down to talk with Roy on Thursday or Friday but she will be thrilled with the removal of everything there on the access area. No more blocked vision of our exit onto the main road.

Yesterday, we went to Blossman Gas to see about a gas log insert and we got all the paperwork done only to see on our fireplace non vented inserts are not recommended. We are hoping to hear back from the salesman today and see about vented logs. The guy was so nice and he was very thorough explaining everything about the logs etc...but when it came to propane and he was going into everything, Roy beat him to the explanation and the guy asked how do you know all that? Roy said the propane you buy is probably bought from the company I work for...and no one is ever familiar with the name outside of the oil and gas industry...then Roy said, we own Dixie pipeline. Yep. that is where they buy their propane. Later Roy said too bad I just couldn't drive a truck here and fill the tank myself. Uh, can read my contracts but I don't want you filling my propane tank. That is out of his realm of expertise.

All that talking made us ready for lunch and we found ourselves at the Moose Cafe and that is not a bad place to find yourself. We had a delicious lunch and then went to the Farmers Market for ice cream but we came home with so much more...some beautifully decorated gourds, cherry turnovers, heirloom tomatoes and October beans. While I was waiting for Roy to get the ice cream, a post on FB came up from Barbers Orchard. They had picked honey crisp apples and it was first come, first served. Our day took a different direction than planned and we headed over to the orchard. Because if some is good, more is better we ended up bringing home a bushel. I told Roy we need another freezer. We also came home with peach slushes and a couple of apple muffins.  After a little rest we were back outside moving wood chips around. Roy found several "nests" not belong to birds so those went the way of destruction.

So, last night after much prayer and consideration, armed with a 20% discount, I ordered a handy dandy pre-programmed canning thing. Yes, I am technical. Also a tomato extractor to make tomato saucing a little easier. I will probably not try any of this out this season since produce season is winding down here but next season look out cause I will be making jams, jellies, sauces and the like. Yes, this is really me writing this Houston friends.

Just waiting for Smurf to come back and pick up the logs they didn't have room for on the first trip. Then we have errands to run and I think we are going to eat lunch out today too. I just added the gourds I bought yesterday that in a shape of an apple out with the other fall stuff.

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