Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Celebrating with Buddy

I share a birthday with a special someone...Buddy Lee Beardsley.  She is ten years old today.  I gave her some special treats but I don't think she knows it is her birthday. I enjoy her being here about 98% of the time, the other 2% is when she has a little temper tantrum in the middle of the night.  And then, I'm not too thrilled with her presence.  She came into my life as a "he" but she came into my life at just the right time.  She was a little timid about the stairs when she first got here but she owns those stairs, like a boss.  When I come home, I call out her name and she comes running down those stairs to greet me. Of course if I wanted her to do her performance for someone, she will stay upstairs until the cows come home. That is just being a cat...She also does this intense stare thing at a door or wall and then runs like a cat with its tail on fire up the stairs...which scares me and I wonder...did she really see something or she just being a cat?  So far, she has just been being a cat.

Thankfully, I am out of my cranky mood from yesterday. Truthfully, I think everything stressful hit at one time and I was having difficulty getting my thoughts and actions organized over what needs to be done.  The raccoon and the snake were probably just icing on the cake. Then we need some landscaping done and clean out overgrowth that has just seemed to appear overnight. The good thing is the birds love it, but it's looking messy to me.  We need to take the TV back to Best Buy because Samsung seems to have an issue with the picture staying off but you get the sound.  I rarely watch TV but when I do, I hate messing with this. One thing that did put me in a good mood was getting the porch light to go dawn to dusk staying on, not just motion.  I think I got the other light by the garage doing the same thing but we will have to see what happens around dusk.  With the light and the added addition of battery operated motion lights on the deck, I don't think Mr or Mrs Raccoon visited last night. Besides, I took away the finch feeder for the night and put it out in the mornings. Yesterday morning in the midst of my emotional meltdown Roy called. He could tell from my emails I needed to talk it all out and we got some of my crisis' solved and some are on the road to resolution. By the end of the day, dare I say it, I was back to normal. Or as normal as I can be.

Thus I awoke to a new age this morning. I did some stuff around here to get ready for company this weekend and then I decided to celebrate my day I should go to Lowe's. But before leaving the house I had a fun phone call from Peggy with birthday greetings. We got caught up with her at Best Buy and me leaving for Lowe's. I found somethings I wasn't looking for at Lowe's but didn't find what I went for. So a stop at Tractor Supply seemed to be in order and they were closer to having what I was looking for, but not exactly. I had decided to go out for lunch and had planned to go to the Mexican food joint in Weaverville but instead I tried Tommy's. The parking lot is always full of cars, a good sign, and the reviews I had read were very good. It reminded me a lot of the old One's A Meals in Houston. Tommy's is owned by a Greek family and if we have learned anything from My Big Fat Greek Wedding is, they can cook. I decided on a hamburger/fries and an order of onion rings.  Hey, it's my birthday. The fries were average at best but everything else was fabulous!  The waitress told me I should come back for breakfast some morning and I do believe I am going to take her up on that from the look of the breakfast menu.

Buncombe county is having trouble with Waste Pro, the designated trash pick up for the area and they are ready to terminate the contract.  Our garbage has not been picked up yet...so I was coming back up the drive and the neighbors were outside.  We got to visiting a little and the bad neighbor ran over their water well head with his mower and is refusing to have it repaired.  So they are out there trying to get it fixed.  I came back in the house to wait for dusk and to see if the lights came on...they did!  The back is flooded with light now but I feel there needs to be much more light on the other side of the yard.

Well this birthday girl is tired.  I have laundry to fold and beds to make.  All in all turning 61 hasn't been all that bad....so far.

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