Saturday, August 15, 2015

Bonus; Good Hair, Good Refund and Good Life

A foggy August morning just like I remember from last August when I was here for the month. Looks like the raccoon visited last night because the liner of the deck birdbath has been tossed. Since I was gone most of the day, yesterday, I didn't even put any birdseed out so guess he came by just to check things out and remind me he is out there.

Yesterday was an earlier morning than usual because of my hair appointment. I have to admit, I was about ready to write off the salon because of the numerous misfires including the changing of stylists by text. Instead of flying off a phone call in miffdom, I decided to go by faith to the appointment and make any adjustments then. Wow, the Bible is true, He really does care about the number of our hair because Christine is one of the owners of the salon. I hadn't been passed to a junior stylist. She looked at my hair and said it looks like you have two haircuts going on in here...of course one by the lovely Stevie and the other by Adriana, who was good but never realized how much texturizing my hair needs. Christine told me what she would like to do and the course we could take over the next several months. It was just like talking to Stevie and like Stevie did many times, Christine gave me a complimentary Orbie conditioning treatment. So we just did my base color yesterday since the blond highlights were still good and she took away the box shape of my hair and did it more on a slant. We will see if I can replicate the style.

I am jumping ahead to contrast my experience last night with the morning. I had ordered a lamp to go beside the new chair from My Habit and as it has been the case Fed-Ex delivered it. Good thing I had just returned home and was in the garage when Fed-Ex girl came because she is the one who leaves things outside the garage door and if I had not been home the boxes would have been soaked by the rain that came soon after she left. Last night I brought the boxes inside. The main box was beat up and torn just like most of the boxes delivered by Fed-Ex. I began putting the lamp together and I was missing the finial for the lamp and the switch of the lamp was a little damaged. I was so frustrated and had reached the point of complaining to My Habit. So I sent an email to them detailing the problem and added I have never complained to them before but most of their merchandise that has been delivered by Fed-Ex has damaged boxes and missing small pieces due to the condition of the box and I would have to consider not shopping with them anymore. Much to my surprise I had two emails from My Habit this morning and basically they refunded me the whole cost of the lamp. They had let the shipping department know about the Fed-Ex trouble and wanted to keep me as a customer...I am a VERY good customer of My Habit...  Not trying to go all spiritual on you but there is a time and season for everything under heaven. I felt that check in my spirit to go ahead with the hair appointment and the go ahead to complain to My Habit.  Does anyone need wisdom?  Ask God! He gives it just ask.

So in between morning and night I ran errands. Sorry, I just can't join in on the Target boycott over taking away the labeling for boys and girls toys and bedding. Now boycotting Target because it is back to school shopping season is a whole nother thing. It was a crazy happening place but I found what I needed and of course at Target, what I wanted and was out the door. Whole Foods was the next destination and the Asheville Whole Foods is not hurting because of recent publicity. It seemed busier than usual. They were out of what I had come in to purchase, so out the door and over to Barnes and Noble. Then it was time to head back toward home by the way of the gas station and lunch at La Carreta. Good guacamole.

I got an email from my Sunday School class in Houston email from the teacher to the whole class reminding them of what they are discussing and studying on Sunday. The topic finding yourself in times that have been faced with decisions in the midst of uncertainty and how God was in it possibly changing the direction of your life. I was reminded that this is what this whole past year has been about. The past few years have been difficult ones with health issues and with spiritual health issues. The intense heat kept me a prisoner either way, whether I stayed out of it at home or ventured out and paid the price for it later. We couldn't find a new church home and continued going to church somewhat sporadically where we had belonged for a long time which was very frustrating for both Roy and I but for different reasons. Then it wasn't going to work out with CBS and being a core group leader again because I would be gone for the training time and then Roy's idea for me to get out of the heat for a month turned into an adventure and surprisingly, we came home last August with a contract on a home.  Yep, you could say the direction of life changed for me and with God totally in it. He prepared the way to find a wonderful church to serve in and lovely friends to do life with. Bonus, the scenery! Bonus bonus, the dream that God has placed in my heart that only He can do. I do not want to try and manufacture it into existence.

Today is another art day where I live. They are doing an art safari like Weaverville did in the spring. I am excited to go see painters, quilters and metal smithers today. And as always, bonus...the scenery that surrounds these artists studios and workshops. Of course all honor goes to the grand and great creator and His kindness toward us.

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