Monday, August 24, 2015

And Just Like That......

Normally, it is not too foggy in the backyard but this morning the fog has rolled out of the pastures above us, down the tiered garden and almost to the deck. Guess all the trees and vegetation, doesn't that sound better than weeds, being cleared away has made this possible. Last year I would wonder how people could get out in this and live life at early hours of the day. Well, you get used to it and hopefully everyone drives safely. On Monday mornings I don't know of many who are in a hurry to get anywhere unless one has overslept and will be late for school.

Some welcomed rain, although personally not the best timing, came after church yesterday. Dewayne walked me out to my car with an umbrella. This is not the first time a gentleman from Newfound has walked me to or out of church with an umbrella. Dewayne told me about his plans to ride his motorcycle up to Mt Mitchell but now needed to check the weather for that area. He also owns hogs and pigs and I think uses them all or one for charity events and parades. He had just had done just that the day before in Hendersonville to help raise money to feed families. Since it was still raining just a bit and was just a tad too overcast for me, I came on home and ate lunch.  The goose beans I had prepared on Saturday night were delicious and with lunch being eaten and the skies still gray the most logical thing to do was take a nap. It was a major Sunday nap and it has been awhile since I have taken one of those. No couch nap, I went to bed and had a refreshing deep sleep nap.

Upon awakening and being greeted with a sunny sky, the trip that needed to be made to Lowe's happened. Nothing like buying Round Up, a rake and some bug spray for fruit flies to make one happy. When I told Roy the consensus of all who either worked or advise on vegetation elimination agreed that Round Up would be needed or maybe a burn off, he changed his mind on using Round Up, thus the trip to Lowe's. I may try and do the side section by the driveway today. John and his crew come back Saturday to do the trees in the front and clear out all the vegetation on our access area. The state or Duke Energy should really do that, but I think we need it done sooner than later. It is just clearing the way for a spectacular fall view.Which, by the way, is predicted to be one of the most colorful years of fall foliagedom. Look Ma, I just made up a new word.

Saturday, after play that funky music chainsaws happened, I knew I needed to get out for a bit. The drive the previous day had cleared my heart and soul and I decided to drive to Mars Hill and go to a shop I had been wanting to visit. It was cute and kitschy, CourtneyS would have loved it. There were so many things to look at which included ice cream. It is a combo kitschy/coffee shop/mid century things shop. I pondered ice cream but fought the temptation. Next stop Marshall. Only I didn't stop. Marshall is an odd little town. Odd in architecture in that every building is right to the sidewalk. Like sidewalk...front door. That is especially an odd thing because even the churches, with the exception of the Presbyterian church, are just like the downtown buildings. Guess that is what has to be done when there is a small space between the river and the side of a mountain. You make lemonade out of those lemons of small spacing. I wanted to go to Madison Junk Shop but the guy who owns it doesn't keep regular fact I think a lot of shops there, and there aren't that many, do the same. Since Marshall is just ten minutes away, I can check often enough and hope to happen upon it being open. The drive to and from was beautiful as always. Again, there is that faint feeling of cool in the air and a little color in the trees. Fall will be here before we know it and with the coming of fall comes the visiting of friends from Houston.

Since I have lost my quarterly but have a new one ready for September, I don't always know what our Sunday School lesson topic is. The week we talked about fasting, I had planned to bring some apple cider donuts to class. Thankfully, I didn't make it over to Barber Orchards to get some. Yesterday, we talked about hospitality and not just the plain old kind but biblical hospitality. Romans 12 always comes to mind because here in the midst of all these "big spiritual" gift prophecy and teaching and serving, Paul adds hospitality. It made the list, it must be important. I took the opportunity to thank the class for being so hospitable in welcoming me to the class. From the day I first walked in till yesterday, they ooze, that's such a weirdly descriptive word, but let's see, they overflow with love. I look forward to the time after our prayer requests for Louise to pray. Wow! What a mighty believing lady she is. Every Sunday morning we are so happy to see one another, it takes quite a bit to get us settled down but I like what Judy says, that time is just as important as any other designated time in our hour together. It is healing, it is powerful, it is the fellowship of God. Every seat was filled yesterday morning and we would have needed to bring in chairs if a couple of the regulars hadn't been out. Really, the whole church family of Newfound is so kind and friendly. Last night at choir when I saw Larry who is usually greeting at the door on Sunday mornings, that it just didn't feel like Sunday without his cheery greeting.

Facebook memories this week have been especially poignant. Like on August 22nd last year is the day we found out that a last minute offer had been accepted on the house outside of Waynesville we had put an offer on. I don't think God scrambled to get us out of making a bad decision but I am so glad He was totally involved in the details. Our realtor was quite shocked at our reaction of, Okay. We are good with that. No we don't want to be first on the list if the deal falls through. The other memory was from 2008 when Peggy and I went to San Antonio for a Living Proof conference. It is believed by my cardiologist that I had a small heart attack on that weekend and didn't know it. We should have known something was wrong while at the bookstore, I just wanted to sit in the coffee shop area while Peggy explored the store. I mean really! We should have known something from that indicator.

And just like that, the sun is showing through and has burned away the fog. I am waiting for my second cup of coffee to do the same thing.

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