Saturday, August 22, 2015

Chainsaw Rhapsody

The sound of mountain music fills the air. A mountain rhapsody as old as chainsaws...fills my heart and land with a Hallelujah chorus in quarter by quarter notes of land being cleared and trees hanging onto a precipice coming down in orderly fashion. Yes friends, it is good to be in the mountains. John Robinson and his crew are working hard and the melodious sound of chainsaws has even brought out the neighbors. Only one neighbor came out of noisiness and he came to make sure it wasn't the neighbor across the way having her trees cleared. He doesn't want her to do that. She wants to thin them out some to protect her house from tress falling during strong storms. They have already cleared out everything beside the driveway and now are working on the trees in the back. Several of the trees are poplar and they aren't very strong or steady in wind. In Houston I know that Chinese Tallow trees and Ash trees are trash trees, in fact it is against the law to plant a Chinese Tallow tree now and usually you only find them on land that hasn't been kept up or worked on. Looky, a biblical principle. Bradford pear trees are beautiful but they split quite often than not. We have one in the back that is coming down but the one out front, away from the house is going to stay because they are just so dang pretty in the spring. The wild cherry trees out front that have grown tall are going too because they don't bear fruit...uh, I think there is another something biblical there. They are trash trees too. Once we get all this taken care of and I find out from my friends when it is the time to plant a tree, we will do just that. Like a Japanese Maple because not only are they beautiful but they are plenteous in autumnal color. Ooo, just got to use two of my favorite words in a sentence. I know Jennifer who lives above us will like all this land clearing since they have their house and land on the market. She is tired of walking upwards all the time and they are looking for rolling pasture land in middle TN. They have four horses now.

Buddy has decided to check out the noise going on in the backyard, in her cat-like way. Looks from afar on the stairs and then kind of glances as she walks closer to the window. Now that she has had a treat, she is ready to watch all the action happening.

Last night slicing peaches felt like the last thing I wanted to do. Checked them and all of them are ripe so into the refrigerator they went. Know I can slice them at my leisure within a two week period. I know Roy will want to use some of them in the frozen apple stuff he likes to make. Fruit means fruit flies up here and I have made a homemade trap that doesn't seem to be working but the professional trap I ordered from Amazon will be here by Tuesday. I'm getting pretty good at killing them by being happy and I know it...clap my hands. Happy me, smush them.

So far the guys haven't seen any snakes and I told them if they have and are lying to me, I am fine with that. I'm usually not too happy when I know I am being lied to but certain situations call for drastic measures and snake sightings would be one of them. Can you imagine if they told me, we found a whole passel of them and they slithered under your house would do to me? Services would be on Monday or Tuesday. No viewing, no visitation.

The mountain music has stopped for a bit of rest and you all know I can't read a lick of music but I do know there are rests and rest, songs.  Rest, rest was for you Linda V.

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