Thursday, August 6, 2015

Foggy in the Valley on a Hill

It is an overcast and foggy morning.  When I was little my mom told me I would say it sure is doggy out today. Foggy or is. We may have a few showers come through this morning. We got a nice rain for a bit yesterday late in the afternoon.  The flowers surely have responded to the liquid nourishment. Kind of like how I am responding to my first cup of coffee this morning. It is the kind of morning you would love to either sleep in or lounge around and read, but I have things to do and thankfully, no people to see...thus it is feeling like a no makeup day.  I might make a trip to the dump to take some empty boxes, but that doesn't seem to be a full makeup kind of occasion.

Yesterday, on our Wednesday out and about day, Vivian and I went over to Waynesville.  Last August I was spending quite a bit of time there because we were looking at houses in the area. Thankfully, because the Lord watched over us and knew the plans He had for us, Roy and I didn't get the home we had put an offer on but it is an area I like to go back to and visit.  Mainly from August to December when Barbers Orchard is open.  We had lunch at the Bourbon Barrel or whatever the place is called...I know where it is located...that's the important thing.  They have great soups, salads, and sandwiches.  We also made a quick stop in at Robin Blu.  Love that store!  Then we headed out to Barbers.  When I got home I remembered that Mud Daubers Pottery also has a location close to Waynesville, just a little farther down the road from Barbers.  I am going to stop in there on my next trip over that way.  Mud Daubers is family owned and the brothers run the stores separately and have different potters displaying and selling at each store.  In the past I have not been a huge fan of pottery but I have enjoyed the store outside of Brevard and Roy and I have bought several pieces on each visit. It is also reasonably priced and many times pottery is priced more than I would like to pay. There is a potter in Madison County I would like to go see and I learned about it from one of the many southern online sites I subscribe to.

This will not be a fully developed thought and some of you are saying, so what's new, but for some reason I got to thinking of a family that attended the church where I grew up.  I remembered that the father had died years ago and the son had died about ten years ago but didn't know anything else about what had happened to the rest of the family. Off to Google and I learned the mom had died in 2012 and the daughter lives in another state.  When I read the obituary for the mom, I was stunned. She had been a talented artist and had an exciting career after the death of her husband. To see this lady every Sunday walking to church with her two children, she slightly bowed and crooked in her gait that she carried in her a passion and talent. It seems to me I remember the husband may not have been the best husband and father...but like I wrote before...this will not be a fully developed thought or conclusion, but it is giving me much to ponder and to think over.

Well time is a wasting.  Got company this weekend so there is much to do.  

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