Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Just Sitting in the Waiting Room

Good morning from the Toyota dealership. I am doing something that Roy usually takes care of. So far so good. Very helpful and friendly for this novice. I was up much earlier than usual but once again I realize there is so much to see early in the day.  Really, the cows start out close to the road at 6:00 in the morning and twelve hours later in the evening, they are right back where they were this morning. The fog goes in and out until the sun burns it off. I was also up around 4:00 am and the back light of the sunrise was beautiful and I tried to take a picture but it didn't come out.

Hopefully, I won't fall asleep in the waiting room since last night was not the most restful and sleep-filled nights. Buddy decided to attack in the night and I was able to thwart the major offensive and deter her until she grew bored with the whole thing. I also turned over with the blankets over my head. And yes, this morning when I left...I woke her up several times just for the fun of it.

This morning I noticed the colors of the trees a little more. Yellow and red leaves are showing up against the green, the many shades of green. The flowers along the freeway are brilliant with vibrancy. The sunflowers are in their prime. More taxes on gasoline provide these oasis's of tranquility. The tree guy is coming tomorrow night to give me an estimate on clearing out a few areas and cutting down several trees that are leaning over the house. I am thinking about making the area close to the driveway a cut flower garden.  I'd also like to see if we can keep a couple of the smaller trees.

Finally, I got the DVDs unboxed and ready for watching. It is a whole process thing...bring the box upstairs from the garage, bring in the storage containers for the DVDs and let them sit around for awhile, then finally...put away yesterday. I also went through a couple of boxes that had been delivered this past week. It is slowly but surely coming together.

Update on car is turn indicator socket is bad and need new brake pads for the front brakes. Everything else is looking good.  I brought stuff to occupy me but there is some good people watching going on. I am always surprised by people who do not prepare for a morning or a day at the dealership. There is a lady here in that situation and they have tried to offer her shuttle service and things like that but she would rather sit here and do nothing. If I had something I could leave with her I would.

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