Friday, August 21, 2015

I Might Start Singing The Circle of Life Song...It Could Stop Life as We Know It

Many times when I need to think or pray or pray and think, I get in the car and start driving. I don't need to drive too far to see the beauty of pastures and mountains. Sometimes I drive for just a short while and other times I just keep on driving going wherever the road takes me. Today was one of those days of going where the road takes me and frankly I drove all over and found my way home without using GPS. Driving around today was good for my soul and spirit because I have something troubling me and I want to respond correctly or let it go, correctly or walk away correctly. With all the driving today, I didn't get an answer but I do know my heart is at rest and I can rest in knowing that God knows. The hurt I felt has been washed over by the beauty of the mountains and experiencing God's presence. So that is a good place to be.

Since breakfast is the most important meal of the day, it seemed good to stop in at Tommy's for the $5.50 special of two eggs, bacon and two pancakes. I can't eat two pancakes anymore but their pancakes are delicious. I sat closer to the kitchen this morning and found the sounds of the spatula scrapping and tapping the griddle to be very comforting and diner-like. I had a new waitress that was slow on the uptake but on time with the coffee refills. I re-read a chapter in the book I have been writing about on give and take, work and play and prayerfulness. Powerful! Oh, and the work portion in this book doesn't address just work, like a addresses any work we have to do whether it be housework, homework or volunteering work. I could have sat there and read for a bit longer but there were things to do and drives to be taken. First stop, CVS to pick up prescriptions, which I then ran by home and thus started my driving from a point of reference I am very familiar with.  I went here there and everywhere and came home with a $16.00 purchase of a picnic thermos from the 1950's with Monarch on it. I mean really, it needed to come home with me. There was a WalMart stop involved while out and about because I needed more orange juice to cover sliced peaches that I was thinking about working on tonight but have deferred this task until tomorrow. I also bought more Amy's Organic Burritos because they are tasting pretty good to me right about now.

Last night John Robinson and part of his crew came to the house to give us an estimate for tree removal and general land clearing. We walked all over looking at what are good trees verses trash trees in the rain. We had a nice little rain shower going when they came. His estimate seemed reasonable for the work, so they might begin tomorrow.  I hope they begin tomorrow. I almost had forgotten that they would stop by and it was a home alone kind of day makeup and I tried to fix up a bit not for them but for my self esteem. Bozo the Clown hair will scare even the toughest of mountain men.

I have been craving Bahama Mama's snow cones of late. There is nothing around here like that so on Wednesday I did the next best thing...something I have not done in a very long time...but it was a must situation...I bought a cherry Icee. Granted, it is not a snow cone but it is the closest thing to it. I thought I saw a shaved ice stand on the way home but alas it was a scrap metal recycling truck. Not even close.

This year viewing kids going to college for the first time on FB  isn't as melancholy for me as it has been in the past.  Especially, when it was Baylor related. This year I am enjoying the pictures and it isn't even a blip on the radar because of the Alumni By Choice thing in February. I cannot tell you how many times I have sat down to write a thank you to Peggy for nominating, writing, and celebrating that whole event. I barely can get started without starting to cry big old tears. And I am not a crier by nature. Of course when I got my first would you like to contribute letter from Baylor, I started not really.

I am thankful for Bill, Vivian's hubby.  While we have been out and about he has been on snake patrol here at the house. No snakes were spotted or harmed because they didn't show up. You really see how the world works when you live out here in the country. I didn't like having so many chipmunks and squirrels showing up at the bird feeder, so enters the black rat snake and he eats them. Now I don't want a snake or snakes around but vegetation and food source is what keeps them around. They are like us, they want their food fast and easy...without any effort. So, with me not feeding the birds and with all the small mammals gone, there doesn't seem to be the easy access food source. Thus, bring in John Robinson and crew to clear vegetation...I am sure by doing this I am screwing up some Eco system or something. And I just ordered a fruit fly catcher cause with all this fruit in the house, there are bound to be fruit flies and there are. I want them gone too but want the fruit as well.

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