Tuesday, August 18, 2015

I Haven't a Title

It is a beautiful, overcast morning. I relented from the earlier decision not to put out birdseed and did so yesterday. This morning it does my heart good to see the birds enjoying breakfast. I think a family of cardinals have build a nest in the big fir tree near one of the bedroom windows. I've noticed the past couple of days small signs of fall appearing. Falling leaves and a few trees have red leaves in the midst of the green. It is not significant change but just enough to give hope that fall will soon be here. I love living where there are four seasons. Also, I have heard from several that this winter is supposed to be a hard one. Better lay in some more Pop Tarts. I figure if it is a good hurricane staple, why not for snow and ice? Speaking of ice, I have been craving a Bahama Mama snow cone of late.

I took care of a bunch of errands yesterday and it felt so good to get those things off the to do list. While in town I picked up a few groceries and stopped at the produce stand for more nectarines. They aren't pretty but they are very tasty.

Yesterday, Vivian called to tell me about the flowers on the Alexander bridge. She had never seen it before and the time and thought someone put into that act is tremendous. So, I hopped into Sequisha, well you know what I mean, and headed toward the bridge. On top of the concrete rail were autumnal colored marigolds. There were many cars and most slowed down to take in the addition to the view of the French Broad River. I cris-crossed several times trying to take pictures and got to stop for a few seconds on the third and fourth trip because there weren't any cars. You wouldn't believe the thankfulness and gratefulness in my heart for those few seconds.  Later in the afternoon I went across the bridge to run errands and most of those flowers still adorned the railing which is a miracle in itself because huge trucks travel that way daily and with a repair being done on a bridge a few miles down the river, traffic has increased this way.

Still reading the chapter in the book mentioned yesterday on prayer and prayerfulness. I'm still thinking about regimentation verses discipline. Not always, but many times we fall into the trap is regimentation because it gives us a feel. If we are doing things or praying things in a concise, determined order, we feel accomplishment. Sounds good but not really. When we live our lives in all areas with that sense of regimentation, are we missing out on so much that God wants to give us and what He wants us to see or experience? Like the book says, "regimentation is rigid and brittle. Discipline is as strong as it is flexible. Regimentation is lifeless and discipline alive and life-giving." To free us from regimentation (by others and by ourselves) and to look with the eyes of our heart at who we are in God's eyes, so that discipline may make us creative. Seems odd that a seemingly undisciplined person is so interested in this but truly it has explained to me in a way I can understand what and how creativity comes in flexible discipline. I think I have aligned my thinking of what it is by measuring my discipline to people who are probably more regimented. It is freeing I tells ya!

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