Saturday, October 3, 2015

Friends Came to Town....Part 2

Well, tomorrow came and went and so did another day but not to despair I am up early on a Saturday morning. It is still dark outside and I have to admit I usually don't see this early of mornings but I had a very good reason to get up. Now, if I could only get going.

We are on the cusp of an epic rain event. So thankful that Joaquin took a jag to the east because I don't know how much more rain our area can take. Guess, we will find out today. These past few days have been gentle rain days with nothing extremely heavy. We are so thankful that we got those trees removed whose shadows ominously draped our home.  The rain is beginning to pick up a bit from the drizzle now to a shower. Thankful we still have power when many are losing theirs. This time next month the generator will be up and functional, so I won't need to consider power loss unless we are low on propane.

Let's see, I think I last left off telling about our trip on the Blue Ridge Parkway. We just about got to Mt Pisgah Inn but I turned too soon into a parking area for hiking. The weather was getting worse the higher up we went. More fog and rain. Since we only had about an hour or so of daylight left I made the decision to come on down from the mountain because on our return we would be on the side of the road where one could easily drive off the edge in the dark, rain and fog. On Monday we started in Waynesville and worked our way down 276 to Brevard and onto The Pretty Place.  It is a beautiful drive but a long one but it is always worth it to see The Pretty Place.  On the way back we punted our thought of a return to the Blue Ridge Parkway and instead stopped at the Mud Dabber Pottery Shop and then onto Brevard College where we saw several white squirrels. Peggy got some great shots with her camera.  We made a return to the Moose Cafe but our friend Robin wasn't working that night. Tuesday morning we out the door and on our way to GSP for them to catch their flight. We had a great time and these wonderful friends helped me so much around the house before leaving. Not only that but they showered me with lots of gifts and lunches.

Yesterday, Roy and I traded in our Camry and brought home Sequishawn the Tundra. We were told it would take 30 minutes top to take care of paperwork.  Ha ha, it is to laugh. Roy believed them, I did not. Our NC insurance agent dropped the ball on getting paperwork to the dealership. Also, Roy did not bring the title to the car with him. I asked him about that but he said we would not need a copy with us. Ha! It is to laugh once again. Anyway, it all worked out and we celebrated by eating lunch at the Moose Cafe. We spent the rest of the afternoon working around here. Roy installed a new shower head, I helped him clean the filter for the well...I had to go back to the wheat straw area and I was very careful with the stairs and the walk. I got as close to the crawl space as I ever want to get. Two difficult light bulb change outs and a few other things as we knocked out project after project. One project we didn't think about was Sequishawn fitting into the garage. He does, but we had to rearrange things to make that happen. It was for the good cause we got some things cleaned out and rearranged.

I better go watch the rain hit my window for a bit. Since we have not had a lot of rain since moving here it is getting used to the rain noises as well.

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