Saturday, October 17, 2015

Happy Friday!

I'm feeling really good about my Academy trip yesterday. Now it takes a little more planning than just driving a couple of miles in most directions and coming upon an Academy. The closest one is in Johnson City and it is relatively new. I stocked up on some cool weather supplies because really one can never have enough light jackets and warm gloves. I seem to loose both of those types of clothing more than anything else. The area is under a freeze watch for the weekend with temps dipping into the 30's tonight and below freezing tomorrow and Sunday. Thankfully, we warm up a bit but on Monday the new heat pump for upstairs will be installed and things will warm up a bit upstairs. I have already put the down comforter on the bed and it makes for some warm slumber. Buddy seems appreciative of it too.

With cooler temps I put out a bird feeder this morning and the birds have returned. Now we are visited by blue jays, which are just mean but at least they come over, get something and take it back toward Jennifer's fence. This weekend should be the first official frost which signals growing season is over. The produce stands are beginning to close up shop. There are few more varieties of apples to be harvested and then everything begins to take the long winter nap. With El Nino playing a part this year, our area has a 50/50 chance of it being colder and wetter. I have a good feeling that once we have this generator installed, it will be the warmest winter on record...because that is how these things work.

Anyway, I went to Johnson City yesterday and only stopped at the Barnes and Noble after Academy. I was feeling like I might eat lunch at the nearby Chili's but decided to head back toward home and maybe grab something to eat in Weaverville. Before crossing the NC state line, I stopped at Erwin to top off my tank with cheap gasoline and what better way to top off a lunch tank than with cheap Taco Bell. I got tacos and headed on down the road. The trees and the mountains put on a spectacular show of vivid reds, oranges and yellows. I thought of those who hunt for ginseng in the mountains. They are probably busy digging up the last haul because once the frost hits, that season is over. One stop here at Lowe's to get bird seed and I was on my way home. I had used everything up from the summer.

 I got on Goode Company BBQ site last night to order BBQ and some pecan pies. I thought about ordering a brisket and some sausage but the shipping was more than the cost of the food, so I am going to order a brisket from Hays Smokehouse. My Sunday School class is coming over for a pot luck supper one evening of the last week of October.

So, it was off to the grocery store and a dreaded Walmart trip. Got what I needed and Walmart had the Velveeta cheese shreds, so I think I am going to attempt enchiladas again tomorrow. For now the Amy's burrito is going to have to do the trick. I think I always associate Mexican food with cool temps and that's why I am going bonkers for it.

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