Tuesday, October 20, 2015

All Warm and Cozy

I am awake and moving earlier than usual on a Monday morning. The A/C heat pump guys are coming today to replace the upstairs unit. No call on estimated time of arrival so I went with the "they could be here at 8:00 am" kind of thinking. It is 30 degrees this morning, frost on the ground and plants and the water in the bird bath is frozen. The sunrise had the pink hue to it and the clouds hung low in the valleys across the way. I am grateful and thankful to be here and to be able to experience this autumnal October morning.

We might have solved the mystery of the disappearing picture on the TV. First we thought it was the Samsung brand because of internet articles, then Roy determined it was more a cable provider problem and with that thought, a call to Dish might be in order to go with them and then on Saturday Roy called Charter. He never got a person but he told me to call and have a ping sent to our modem. So, I did just that, followed all the instructions but came to a halt when instructed to say continue when the date comes up on the front of the modem. Uh, ours doesn't do that. Since it was taking forever for me to respond, they sent me directly to a human being. They sent the ping and I didn't have nary a problem all Saturday afternoon and evening. I wanted to watch the Florida/LSU game without an interruption. The things we learn...ping to me always went with pong but not anymore.

They guys are here to install the new heat pump. It is a chilly morning to be working outside. Since Buddy has determined there is a difference in temps between the first and second floor, she has been spending a lot more time downstairs in the mornings. She finds the sunshine and naps accordingly. My friend told me last night at choir she refuses to turn on the heater in October. I told her I had no choice or Buddy would be attached to me all day and all night trying to keep her little paw pads warm.

I have gone back to re-reading Gratefulness, The Heart of Prayer. There are only so many color pens to underline all the really good parts. I keep coming back to the chapter on  prayerfulness and playfulness. That there has to be an element of play in our work, serving and really everyday life and if we lack that playfulness, we begin to invent more rules for ourselves and instead of enjoying leisure time, we become work alcoholics or just come home after work and veg on the couch...Funny, it seems to me more people disdain the theme of playfulness as they age. Here he inserts that we do not dance to get somewhere, unless it is Dancing With the Stars..my take, when we dance, we dance round and round across the floor. The author suggests to know that God has added playfulness into His creations, the author directs us to just look at the birds. Hmm..I think Jesus made the same comparison....Birds bring joy, they are fun to watch and really, they don't have a 'job' other than to sing their hearts out. This morning I am watching birds out at the feeder. The feeder is shaped like a porch swing and gives a lot of room. Sometimes the little birds and the doves use that feeder truly as a couch. They sit there, eat, swing and observe. Big ol' blue jays are in the mix now, so it is not always as peaceful as it once was in the spring. Work and play...opposites but we need to have play in our work...for purpose. It is not fiddling around, yet it is the most efficient way to accomplish work. When our purposeful work also is meaningful we will have a good time in the midst of it. You might be thinking, hey, Nancy doesn't have a job! Why is she talking about work? We all have work to do, some of it is livelihood and compensated monetarily but our other work is unto the Lord and for the Kingdom of God. No earthly compensation but heavenly. We have seen both types in church, those who are doing something because they think that is what is supposed to be done and those who serve joyfully, infecting others with that joy and strength.  I think I have been thinking about this because I realized when Lisa P visited, we approached everything with such a playful joy and attitude. We sing together, I get the most benefit out that joy, we laugh, talk in funny voices, make up stories about rivers and roads and in that playfulness comes our serious and meaningful discussions and conversations. She is probably my most playful friend.

As can happen on the good ol' Monablog, Monday has now become Tuesday. The heat pump installed yesterday is doing a wonderful job heating the upstairs. First night in a while I got to sleep how I wanted to because Buddy wasn't clinging to me for warmth. The work wrapped up in time for me to attend the Embrace meeting. Oh my, love those women and their hearts for God, others and service. In the midst of discussion for this the Christmas party, I found myself volunteering and offering my home for dinner...for about twelve women. You can cook or cater..I know you all know which way I am going on that. We will see how Tuesday night goes and if I can handle a few more. We have such limited driveway parking but the men of the church volunteer to drive the church vans and buses to take the ladies to the different homes. It is a progressive dinner with stops for  appetizers and dinner, then back to the church fellowship hall for dessert. When they asked where I lived, I said Waynesville and some kind of freaked...but then I told them the truth that I am about five miles from the church. Then I got to share how God redeemed us from Waynesville and making a horrible mistake. I got home later than I thought but the enchiladas leftover from Saturday, hit the spot.

Today I am running errands and taking care of a few things on the to do list. My brother is coming this weekend for a visit. I'm pretty much ready but need these next few days to do things that require electricity. When the gas and generator people are here on Thursday, I don't know how long it will need to be off.

The coffee maker got some grounds in the flow line and caused it to overflow. I caught it before it started down to the floor. So after all the clean up before having coffee, I only made enough for one cup. I am kind of easing into the day but not fully.

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