Thursday, October 15, 2015

A Little Fall Drive

On a clear day you can see forever! Someone should write a song about that... Haha! But, this is a clear morning without any traces of fog. The temps are in the balmy 50's and are only supposed to reach the high 60's this afternoon. Oops, update it is in the 40's this morning.

With these great temps and sunshine I took off to paths unknown Tuesday morning. First stop was Slick Rock Store which I had seen on FB. It did not disappoint! Lots of lovely things made by local artists...not just pottery and the like but affordable jewelry, decorative gourds, fabrics, metal art and chainsaw art. The owner and I had a great conversation and we found out that we are both from Houston. He grew up in Friendswood and he met his wife at Sam Houston State. They have been here for about ten years. Out of the conversation he told me where to find some good Tex Mex in the a food truck that mainly caters to the local Hispanics that are here for apple season. He said word has gotten out throughout the community and the lines are long after work as people stop on their way home and pick up dinner. I got two tacos, one beef and one chicken. Oh my....the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. In some ways when I have complained about the lack of good Mexican food I have felt a little like the children of Israel complaining about being set free but starving and wishing for those cooking pots of meat and bread back in Egypt. Gee whiz, I have been given the opportunity to be set free from the long summer months of April-October, so I shouldn't be thinking about cheese enchiladas and the like... Not when there are apple cider donuts to be had and just discovered yesterday, pumpkin donuts...which I might like a little more than the apple cider. Along the route to the food truck are all kinds of apple orchards and stores...that is how I discovered the pumpkin donut. I passed a group of skinny girls, each with a donut in hand and I heard the now famous words I have heard on almost every visit...we can go back and get more...and the ever popular, I don't think we got enough, I am going back in a getting another know just to be on the safe side.

I drove around and found myself on the Blue Ridge Parkway and decided it was a beautiful day to go see Graveyard Fields. There were many times I wanted to stop along the way but the goal of getting to Graveyard Fields was greater than the various turn offs and over looks. I found myself on the parkway in the latter afternoon, so sun and time were the priority. I'm glad I kept on because the views there were wonderful. So many photographers with tripods set up to catch the sunset while I and my trusty iPhone took pictures of the colorful trees bent over with the great amount of wind. I saw some of the most brilliant reds that can't be captured by a photo but I captured the color with my memory. I came home the back way taking 276 into Canton and then returned home. Even with GPS I got lost in Canton but the ride was worth the time. I probably would have explored more but my gas gauge was getting lower than I like and needed to find a station to fill up.

There is definitely more traffic now because of fall colors but it was worth the trip to see these things for myself. I also enjoyed the prayerful conversations I had with the Lord all along the way. I do believe that this area is His fall home. On that same thought the blue jays are thick in the backyard this morning and they are huge.

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