Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Catching Up in The Mountains

Ah, the morning after a great party. And when I came downstairs this morning all I need to do is put up the six foot table. My friends did the dishes and put everything up which is a challenge because my kitchen is not fully equipped like our kitchen in Texas. Before the fall colors find the ground and become compost, I wanted to have my Sunday School class over for a pot luck. I knew it would be tight but we managed and all the while had tremendous fun. I think there were twenty here maybe a few more and we counted this party as outreach because we want Vivian to join our class. Vivian even came a little early to help me with last minute things but where she really helped me is taking command over the kitchen and where to place everything. Afterwards she and Judy W did cleanup. She is so generous like that because she told me, you needed to be just where you were and getting to know everyone better. I also introduced the ladies to beef brisket. I had asked for it to be sliced but it was a combination of sliced and chopped. Of course if one is going to introduce brisket, Goode Company BBQ sauce is the go to sauce for me, so I ordered some. It was the best of both worlds for me, Goode Company sauce and brisket in the mountains of North Carolina. I believe it has been said before, nothing could be finer....

There are a lot of things I could have done better and sometimes the better gets lost to the what's important. My desire is to have a warm, inviting home and the breakdown comes into what needs to be done. I get lost and overwhelmed by the vast expanse of it all. I hope this is just the first of many get togethers in our home and with that, I will become accustomed to what needs to be done, the better, and still have fun yet not being overwhelmed.

This past weekend my brother Doug came to visit. We had a fabulous time and covered a good distance of fall color both north and south of where we live. We ate some good meals and stayed up way too late talking...yep, that pretty much defines fabulous time and when you throw in the fact that we solved the worlds problems...that is a bonus. He also brought with him more of the plates that my mom wanted me to have. I am so thankful to him for bringing them. He also brought the things I had ordered from Joss and Main that had accidentally been sent to his home when I didn't change back to our address after sending him something. It was my joy to introduce him to apple cider donuts. Erin and her college roommate will be coming in a week and a half and I am looking forward to their visit.

The past few days we have experienced the remainder of Hurricane Patricia and thankfully it has been light rain and nothing torrential. Of course it is a different story in Charleston. Our yard is looking green again without the yellow patches of grass. Our trees are brilliant in color and soon the dormancy of winter will overtake the landscape. It will all be beautiful. This past week the trees across the way are turning a radiant yellow and orange. October is beautiful in the mountains and it is my first October to experience this wonderment of change.

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