Friday, October 30, 2015

Right Place, Right Time

Life is tough living out here in the country. The WI-Fi isn't strong and one has to reboot too often to count. Just made the trip upstairs to take care of that. Roy fixed it where it is much easier to do than how we had it before. For this I am thankful. I only needed some duct tape last night to be a to repair a light to be totally redneck in my approach to making the thing work. Aluminum foil did the trick, at least for last night. We will see if the light works tonight. I love the country life! But I love having all the comforts of city life close by. I haven't totally gone back to the land.

The gas man is here hooking up the line to the generator. This has been a much longer process than anticipated. They must have filled the tank one day when I wasn't here because it is 70 percent full and I learned this morning they fill to 80-85 percent on refills. The tank still needs to be painted but the guy said that with the weather we've had lately they are running a few weeks behind. I had a feeling that things would be in the works today and I cancelled plans. This waking up early in case someone comes to work on the thing is for the birds.

I do feel like I am back to the land of the living. On Tuesday I stopped in at CVS to pick up a prescription and while there I also got a flu shot. I tried to get a shot a couple of weeks ago but the grocery store pharmacy doesn't have a contract with our insurance. I figured with CVS being a national chain, it would be an easier process. The nurse was great and the shot painless but this is the first time I have felt bad after getting a flu shot. I woke up at 3:00 am feeling bad and never really went back to sleep. I stayed around home and tried to stay warm. Thus is was a soup and hot tea day for me. It also gave the opportunity to finish up a novel and start a nonfiction read, South Toward Home. It is a look at southern authors and how their home and sense of place shaped their writing. The author covers several authors I enjoy and others that I am familiar with but enjoy reading. Eudora Whelty would be one, not a fan of her fiction but have enjoyed her nonfiction. To misquote a quote from her, is that we need to know one place completely so that we can understand every place else. Basically, this ties in with what I have been working on this fall. Once again I feel like the disjointed is becoming understood.

Again, it comes back to the much simpler pace of life here. I attended another funeral on Tuesday. There is no marching in of the family...they are up front to greet those who have come to support them in the loss of their loved one. Then at the appointed time, the service begins. I did not know the woman who died, but I know two of her children. Ms Kathleen was 96 and when I saw her at church she was feeble and frail but I loved hearing the stories of her dynamic faith and love to her family and her church in her younger years. She kept that dynamic spirit about her until she took those last breaths on earth. We heard such loving words from two of her grandsons and her son played Beulah Land on the trumpet. Wow! God gave him the strength to play because it is difficult not to tear up when speaking but I can't even imagine what it would be like playing a trumpet. What a life honoring service and again I went away with a greater appreciation of the simple, without performance honoring of a loved one.

Once the gas man left I was free to roam about and run errands. I think I have everything ready for Trunk or Treat. I made the Walmart dash and have the ingredients to make sugar free Russian tea.

Each day the colors change and now the brightness of the fall is turning into a more muted overtone. It is all beautiful though. Not unlike the changes we all go through. Sometimes we get stuck and refuse to continue on the appointed course of things and other times we are ahead of the timing and all chaos ensues. Right now, I'm at the right place and the right time.

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