Saturday, October 10, 2015

Oh Yeah, I Do Have a Blog

Hi! My name is Nancy and I have neglected my blog for about two weeks but I have really good reasons to not have posted. The past few weeks have been filled with visits with friends from Houston. We have been here and there and all over. On Thursday, I took Lisa P to the airport and came home, drew Buddy into my lap and sat on the couch reflecting on the past few weeks. It was busy and fun, yet especially when Lisa was here, time built in to remember, talk and laugh without being on a schedule. I have about a week before more guests and I am looking forward to the week and I am looking forward to the next visits.

In between Peggy, Debbie and Kathleen's and Lisa P's visit Roy and I traded in the Camry and bought a Tundra Truck with four wheel drive. We had ordered it in July, it arrived in September and we got it on the second day of October. Love it and still learning all the new. Sometimes I forget we have the truck now and I have a half minute of panic because I don't see Sequisha but then it comes to me, we have Sequishshawn now. A four wheel drive truck needs a boy name.

Last weekend the Carolina's received much needed rain to break the drought but SC received more rain that it needed. Our area had predictions of ten inches of rain but we did not receive that much. Lisa's plane arrived at 10:00 pm at GSP and thankfully Vivian volunteered to ride with me. It is dark in the country that is all I am going to say but we got Lisa and arrived home safe and sound.

Sunday at Newfound Baptist held such wonder and power. God's presence and His signature were all over the services. The worship was strong and the Word brought by Pastor Jeff even stronger. All morning as Lisa and I got ready for church I could hear her singing and warming up. Oh my, how I have missed hearing her sing and I was so happy to share her voice and friendship with my church and with friends. I do believe there will be a return trip and the next time she is bringing Malcolm. Can't wait!

We had a fabulous week of visiting and catching up with one another. Oh my goodness, I haven't laughed that hard in such a long time. My laugh tank is filled once again and I think there is more in the reserve. On Tuesday Gale and Vivian went with us to The Pretty Place. Gale had never been and it was such a joy to watch both Lisa and Gale experience the surpassing beauty of the sacred place. We met some ladies from SC and of all things, they were tennis friends. Wow, talk about a blast from the past...traveling with tennis friends. Just talking with them was a confirmation in my spirit that just as God had led me off the tennis court, He is still leading me in this wonderful adventure here in the mountains. We lunched at Hawg Wild...very good BBQ and hush puppies????  Hush your mouth and chew those puppies. Very good! We came back via the Blue Ridge Parkway with a stop at the Pisgah Inn. On Thursday we made the trip to the Moose Cafe and once again, the food and the servers were a hit. We also had a little bit of time to make a quick trip to The Farmers Market where we found some purple hull peas just right for the purchasing. It too felt like CourtneyS was right there with us. We called her once while we were out on the road and had a great little catch up and a few good laughs.

Friday morning was an early one because I had a hair appointment in Biltmore Village. Afterwards, I went to La Cantina and I can't believe that they charge for chips and salsa now...and you know I paid for some chips and salsa. Maybe next time I will do chips and queso for lunch. Then I headed to Target, Whole Foods and Barnes and Noble. I came home and rested cause I am trying to get rid of the cold that Peggy brought with her. Just when I think it is done, the cough due to cold returns.

Today I plan to stay around home only maybe with a possible trip to the grocery store. I had planned to sleep in but Buddy had different plans and besides a funny late night call from Roy still had me laughing this morning. Already have laundry started and a book to resume. It takes place in Birmingham, so I am able to picture the scenes a little bit easier. It should be a rainy day today. Buddy has already curled up into her bed for that early morning nap. I have some pecan pie coffee ready to roll. This next week holds for great autumnal weather with lows in the 40's.

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