Monday, October 12, 2015

Fog....You Got To Love It When You Don't Have To Go Anywhere

It is 10:00 am on a Monday morning. We are socked in by morning fog that gathers so beautifully over the rolling pastures yet obscuring the long range view of the mountains...or even the barn across the way. Of course this is being written by someone who hasn't any plans to venture out this morning or even later in the day. The mysterious spider webs that cling to plants and ground cover are numerous this morning and Buddy is fast asleep in her little gray bed by the window. All is calm and all is quiet this morning in our little house in the mountains, in a valley on a hill.

This morning the weather alert is all about fog and traveling on I 26 south. There in the green river gorge so says the weather channel is copious amounts of dense fog throughout an area that isn't fun driving on a clear day. Eighteen wheelers struggle to make the climb and many have to pull off to cool engines and breaks. Yes, that is so encouraging because yo, the struggle is real.

Since the morning theme here on the blog this morning is fog, I will admit to sleeping in today and being a bit groggy and foggy most of the morning. I successfully resisted Buddy's 5:00 am morning paw. Her morning treat had to wait an unbearable couple of hours. She also cuddled up with me this morning as I read but I know it is due to the cooler temps and not so much all the love. Although, yes, I think for a cat Buddy loves me a whole lot. And it has come to this, I am writing about a cat loving me on the old blog this morning. Must be due to the fog.

The past few days I have thought about the past few weeks. What fun to share friends I love with friends I love here. Such a joy to share what I have discovered in these mountains with friends who have traveled a distance to visit. Peggy's group was non stop, grabbing pictures at every rainy opportunity. We experienced a lot those few days they were here but Lisa P and I had a more ease into the day routine. Still saw a lot but when I asked Lisa if she would like me to go turn around in order for her to take a picture, she said no....I would rather imprint the scene in my memory than as a photo. Throughout the two weeks I have been so thankful and appreciative that the energy I needed to do everything was there, although I have to remember how to expend and when to conserve energy. None of this would have been possible in Houston but then there isn't as much to go see and experience fall-wise in Houston. I have come to this conclusion; for those who visit and want a more intense exploring experience, my advice is to either do a road trip or rent a car while you are here. You can explore to your hearts content and I don't have to wait in the car. A friend gave me this eise advice before leaving, do an overview for guests, then let them explore on their own. I thought no way, I will want to I see the wisdom in her advice and will proceed in this vein in the coming years.

While writing this I have been on black and white cat duty as it has perched itself underneath the butterfly bush waiting for unsuspecting birds. When I sound the alarm, the cat tries to come up on the deck to receive a morning greeting from me but I don't think it jumps like a cat with two eyes, so instead it tries to stick its head through the railings. Don't want a stuck cat. Anyway, I think I saved the lives of birds and a cat this morning. Buddy, slept through the antics and is not interested in the least.

It is almost 11:00 am and it is still rather foggy. I'm liking this. This week we should have lows in the 40's and highs in the lower 70's. My first October in the mountains and I learned last night that this is an exceptional October temp wise from a friend. She said last year's October was a rather cool one and I remember when Dena and I were on our way here last year, that the end of October had a snow fall in this area.

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