Wednesday, November 18, 2015

A Rainy Day on Wednesday

Vivian and I just texted one another thinking this is a stay inside kind of day. Great minds think alike. Our area is getting the rain that moved through Texas yesterday. Before the rains began in the early morning the wind blew something fierce. I considered for just a second last night to go out in the dark and move a few things as they might be blown over but reality brought me back to my senses and I decided instead just to prepare for hearing things being blown over in the night. In the early morning light I scanned the backyard from upstairs and nothing had blown over. From my couch side seat I have watched the rain today almost be blown sideways. The eerie sound of the wind last night made us a little nervous but finally we were able to fall asleep. Along with the beauty of each season comes the noise of the seasons and there are new sounds to interpret in this transeasonal time.

Since I knew the rains were on the way I went to Canton yesterday to place the order for supper on the 4th. is called a progressive dinner but here maybe it should be called a progressive supper. The manager at Dickie's BBQ is so helpful and you know the cornbread dressing has to be good when she says it is only second to her mother's. Got everything taken care of there and then stopped at a local produce stand that is still open for some apples....not that I need more but the price was very good.

Canton has a huge paper mill and the wind was just right yesterday to let you know its existence before seeing it. I love the drive through the town. The homes remind me of my grandparent's neighborhood. There are also many beautiful stone built homes in the midst of vintage homes with large covered porches and the yard full of huge trees. Such a mix of neighbors..American flags with a mix of pirate flags and the co^fed#rate flag spotted along the road to downtown and past the paper mill.

The rain and wind have continued all day with the wind not being as forceful. I think the heaviest rain is still ahead. I'm reading a book on the history of the Pisgah National Forest. Very interesting.

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