Thursday, November 12, 2015

A Thursday Kind of Day

Easing into the day this morning. It is a bit overcast with cooler temps heading this way and a wind advisory has been issued. According to Ray's Weather, the ultimate authority of WNC, we haven't had the normal amount of windy days this fall. I have to believe him cause I wouldn't know this being our first fall here. Mike the Mower Man and I met briefly yesterday morning and he will begin work next week on the stone steps down to the flat part of the yard.  Next spring, we will be able to use and access the flat portion of the yard. Included in the plans will be the installation of a small decorative ditch to continue to take rain water down and out into the yard. We have experienced rain lately and nothing pools too much but we are getting ready for a downpour day or days that are surely in the future.While we were talking about the steps I also learned a little history of the house and a history with the neighbor above us. Now there was a story and it will be so helpful when we plant trees next spring. Very interesting and informative which explains a few loose ends. Mike also related why there are problems with the back deck. It was the ex husband that was the husband at the time that built the back deck...only thing...he is a musician. No wonder I have had my doubts about that deck but I digress and feel a little more informed about the process of life before we came onto the scene.

Left Mike with the yard and headed over to Barnes and Noble and to Target...with a quick stop in Lifeway. I tried to go to Home Goods but holiday parking has already started and since Sequishaun is so difficult to park, I just eased on down the road only to be harassed by a minivan from Texas who in typical minivan ways pulled out in front of me only to go slow and then at the stop vehicles coming from the other way, we sat, we waited for the bus driver to move that huge minivan onto the ramp of the freeway. Thankfully, I got around them but could see in the rear view mirror that traffic was piling up behind them. A quick stop at Fresh Market and I was on my way home and returned to freshly cut grass and the wonderful fragrance that it brings. Since it has dried out a bit I worked on the lights on the back deck railing. I picked up a remote control plug for the outdoors at Lowe's, so on/off is a breeze.

Roy's safety moment from his company is something I can use. It is about poison oak, sumac and poison ivy. I need to memorize what each plant looks like and don't say the three leaves thing cause there are a lot of plants that have three leaves. The best thing is to just stay away from yard work and the potential occurrences meeting up with the poison family. Maybe the snakes and poison sumac could meet up and just take care of one another's presence.

I have a mind for trivia, so sometimes the strangest things come to mind. I know this is a shock to most, maybe...haha! Yesterday, in the bookstore I noticed several different things. First off, Starbucks still has Christmas on their Christmas Blend coffee. Gee whiz! Then I noticed a redundancy in titles or words in titles...light, girl, little, various modes of transportation in fiction but in both fiction and nonfiction alike, the un_______ fill in the blank, seems to be trending.  The pastor at First Baptist Houston has his new book out Unstoppable Gospel, which is on my to be read list and I read yesterday that Steven Furtick has a book coming out in 2016 called Unqualified, which is not on my to be read list. I know mentioning two titles doesn't seem like a trend but I saw a few books yesterday and of course my trivia brain can't remember the titles. I never been good with titles.  Two books I bought yesterday, a history of the Pisgah Forest and The New Yorker-1950's addition.

Made a quick trip to the Post Office and then to fill up the truck. Such a beautiful day so when I got back home I worked in the backyard again. Tomorrow is bringing colder temps. We are excited that our friends David and Emily are spending Thanksgiving with us. Trying to get thing taken care of for their arrival and then also some of the things that just need taken care of.

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