Monday, November 2, 2015

Off Of Daylight Saving Time and Into The New Normal...For a Couple of Months

Off of Daylight Savings Time and the new normal is dark at 5:35 pm. I got the garbage bin down to the road while there was still light. The rain and mist on the mountains and in the valleys have made for too many photo ops that I didn't take. Really, I mean I was driving to church and then running errands afterwards.  and could stop every few feet for a picture. The cows were close by our road and someone this week lost a load of pine straw or as we call it in Texas pine needles. The day after fall festival day and the fragrance of Christmas which was nice to dispel the aroma of the past, our garbage can.

Even with the extra hour last night, I could have used another one as well. I went to bed early and slept till it was time to get up and get ready for church. I was rather groggy for about twenty minutes but I was finally able to pull myself out of the bed. Last night our church did a Fall Festival for our community. I have participated in years past at our church in Houston but this fall festival opened my eyes to see many things differently. I volunteered for the trunk or treat. So I decorated Sequishshaun all fallish like with the addition of white twinkling Christmas lights. Lots of princesses, cowboys, nerds and Super Mario but there were so many faces of death masks and devil masks...guess we didn't see this in Houston because the postcard or email that went out said no scary or Halloween costumes. You saw it all last night. Kids carrying little bitty pumpkins for candy all the way up to pillow cases. Most kids were with parents or other family and they were all so polite and thanked you for the candy without much prompting from parents. The costume I liked a lot was the kid dressed as a jellyfish. He used an umbrella and made tentacles and used pink lights on the frame. It was really rather cute. I could not help but notice that many here look much older than they are and I am talking about parents or family members. The other day at CVS the man at the counter gave his birth date to pick up his prescription and he was only two years older than me but his face and the way he walked, I would have guessed at least ten years older than me. I saw something that kind of shocked me but not really. This mama was yelling at the kids to only take two pieces of candy at the truck next to mine and then after the kids had gotten their two pieces like they were instructed, that mamma went to town stuffing her sweatshirt with candy from the cooler. That certainly is a mixed message to kids. Life is difficult whether you live in the fourth largest city in the United States or in a small community north of Asheville and it is unbearable without Jesus. Many of those families enjoying the evening in our church parking lot need to know a greater joy than free hot dogs, chili, cake walks and hayrides...oh and free candy... There was the challenge presented to us this morning, we need to be out in the community sharing the Good News and living lives that reflect what we say we have found. So that makes it an uncomfortable foray and meeting people where they are. Lot to think, pray and act on just from handing out candy...

This morning before church I got a text from Lisa P letting me know it was NaBloPoMo month...National Blog Posting Month. So maybe I will be a little more consistent in posting. It isn't that I don't have a lot to think and write about...I do...but a lot of that is just things I'm writing about but not blogging least not right now.

I went to the grocery store after church and it was a happening scene. I got in and out and headed over to the Mexican restaurant for lunch. I love me some of their house specialty guacamole salad. I also got two soft chicken tacos. Very good! I came home and put up things, did a few to do things and then took a thirty minute nap. It could have been much longer but you know the whole it gets dark earlier now thing. In Houston the first week of going off Daylight time just means horrible...more horrible than usual traffic. No one wants to work late when it is night time and all head home.

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