Sunday, November 8, 2015

It Was the Eighth of November....

It has been a fun weekend with the arrival of my niece Erin and her friend and her roommate Katherine. They got here Friday a little after noon and we were out hitting the roads soon after bringing in their bags. They were so much fun. We tried to do a highlight trip for them so that when they come back they know some options of places to hike and scenery just waiting to be photographed. Erin and Katherine left this morning because they needed to get back to college to write research papers and prepare for a presentation.

Since I didn't know when they would be leaving today, I already had it in mind that I would miss church. So, I took a rare sabbatical Sunday. I made a quick trip to the grocery store and then came back home to watch the choir and orchestra on the webcast of the 11:00 service at Houston's First Baptist. The internet connection was not cooperating and I had to reboot it several times but finally I was able to connect and came in the middle of Lisa P's song.

It was astonishing how much NC 215 toward the Blue Ridge Parkway had changed from Tuesday to Friday. Most trees had lost all their leaves but it was still a beautiful drive. Katherine is a wonderful photographer and she took a lot of pics that I will be anxious to see. We made a stop at one of the bigger waterfalls and a man was there taking pictures of it too. When he saw the Baylor sticker on the back of the truck he asked us about the Baylor game the previous night. He is from Maryland and is a HUGE Baylor fan, he tries never to miss the games but the hotel he was at didn't carry the channel they were on. I was happy to tell him they won but not with such a wide margin. Ah flinging our green and gold. Unfortunately, the LSU game didn't have a great report and I wisely decided not to watch the second half and instead went to bed and hoped for the best. I woke up at 3:00 am to check the score and was able to turn back over and go to sleep.

Four years ago today my mom passed away. I have missed her so much. I know she would be so happy for Roy and me. I kind of kept an eye out for a cardinal today, but none showed. But, there were all kinds of new birds and some types I had not seen since spring. So it was enjoyable to eat lunch and watch them dart in and out picking up seed and chasing one another off. The black one eyed cat didn't come by, so all those birds were safe once again to come and go to eat as they please.

I am so thankful today. There are many people and things to certainly give thanks for. God has certainly blessed me and in turn I hope to be a blessing right back.

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