Monday, November 30, 2015

I'm Back......

Well, it has been a while since last posting on the blog but a lot of life has been happening so I jotted down notes of things I might want to ponder about on the where did those notes go?

I am now in the throes of Christmas decorating. We brought all the Christmas up here, so we thought but I am missing a few things. In years past I have not done much decorating so little surprises of things forgotten have been newly discovered. All progress came to a halt when I found the Christmas stockings my mom had made for Roy and me. There tucked among other decorations I also came across the stocking my mom made for Tiff, our miniature Schnauzer. I put my hand into my stocking to feel the stitches thinking about my mom and that she had touched them when I felt something down in the toe of the stocking, a piece of ribbon that had been tied around a stocking stuffer and it was tied in that little way my mom tied ribbons that made the tear dam break and shut me down for a few moments. What a special gift. I knew I would use the ornaments my mom had made or ornaments she brought back from trips to Branson and had prepared emotionally for that....Ours is a very simple tree this year, one like I remember with simple ornaments that have great meaning. One ornament that must be back in Katy is the last of the salt dough ornaments that I made for our first Christmas tree. We had NO money to spare and could afford a tree but not much else, so I the never crafty one used cookie cutters to make salt dough ornaments. The last one I purposely kept is the the one that I had painted Roy and Nancy 1977.

In the midst of decorating I am reminded that we had our last official guests to our Ander Home over Thanksgiving. Emily and David came up for the holidays. I have made some mental notes of what works and what needs tweaking. I do know this, you have to be self sufficient with food preparation because that totally is not even in my mindset. I am kind of good on meals that I'm good at preparing but the rest.... I always have lots of stuff to choose from so that's a good thing. I am going to tweak sight-seeing too. Before the popular months of visiting roll around again I plan to do some exploring of the area north of us. Beautiful country. Also, if there are things people want to see and want to give extended time to, I am recommending they do a rental car or do a road trip up here. They will have the time to take it all in and I will have the energy to do other things with them or actually prepare a meal for them...well, let's not be too optimistic.

Roy and I knocked a lot of things out like getting new eye frames and lenses for him...well at least ordered. He cleaned out the dryer vent and we also did the well filter. He got Charter out here and they have found the source of our TV problem and he put outside Christmas decorations up. He pulled out the Christmas boxes so I can get to them easier.

Saturday morning I picked up Darlene and Patsy for a whirlwind tour of the area. I took them to one of my favorite stores and while there found out they have sold their property and moving into south longer. I had a feeling when they had on FB everything is marked 35% off except for consignment pieces. We took the back way to Bat Cave and did a drive through Lake Lure and Chimney Rock before heading to the store where we all found somethings to our liking enough for purchase. We ate a late lunch at Moose Cafe and more satisfied eaters and likers of the cafe confirmed. Then we headed over to our house with a little tour of our area thrown in for good measure. The icing on the cake was having Darlene, Patsy, Vivian and Aunt Mary to meet. Vivian rode with us to the Biltmore to keep me company and on the straight and narrow. Or maybe I was supposed to keep Vivian on the straight and narrow? Such a fun day!

Well, I need to continue working here, run a few errands weather permitting and most importantly...wash my hair.

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