Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Red Cups and Red Boxes

Here is an update to yesterdays post on the remaining suspects being at large...ok, there were five all together and sometimes it was four and at first they thought three. Then the authorities said everyone that had been in that minivan had either been captured or were far away. Later on, the report that they had captured the two remaining suspects at 11:30 am oh just about seven or eight miles from here. I don't know but that seems to be in the vicinity more than far away. I am happy to hear they have been caught and now detectives and sheriffs are looking for all the jewelry tossed out from the minivan in Canton.

This morning the sun is out and the temps have moderated up from yesterday. The next few days look like perfect chamber of commerce weather. Our yard now holds more leaves than the trees but the maples across the way and down the road are holding tightly with leaves and color. The calves from the herd across the road have been culled and the herd is down in size. A mournful moo is still heard several times throughout the day. My little calf that I cared about has moved on with the other calves.

I read a lot yesterday and so loved the down time doing so. Books and magazines with a few Twitter and FB articles thrown in. This whole red cup thing with Starbucks has gone beyond viral. It wasn't that long ago that I would plan to get a Starbucks to partake in the rather new tradition of Christmas coffee in a red cup. So everyone is dividing up on sides. There are those who say if this is all that bothers're not persecuted. Others bring up valid biblical points of taking care of widows, orphans and the loving the disenfranchised being more important than a red cup. Many don't care and think it is a social media driven thing planned out by some super brain marketing person. Then there are those who will just continue to drink the coffee whether the cup be white or red. The funny thing about this entire Starbucks debacle is it wouldn't really be on the radar except churches, not all but a lot, have bought into the whole coffee=good church experience thus trickling into the mindset of church experiencers. Because we are sheep in so many ways, churches have taken bits and pieces of Starbucks to incorporate into the Sunday/Wednesday night/fellowship experience. When I was on staff at a church we were so thrilled to get our hands on the corporate Starbucks employee handbook because the thought and information contained therein made sense as a good business plan. So we took this business plan, played around with it and made it churchy lefemme because lawd knows we couldn't be creative enough to come up with something. Even though I don't have a dog in this show it still bothers me how the church grasps wildly at corporate business plans to be more effective but shield themselves with the Bible when business plans aren't working, rather not working for "their" desired result. But if we just wait a while this whole red cup thing will just drift into the land of themes and buzz words.  Soon prayer of Jabez, missional living, being purpose driven, mission statements,  authentic selves and other fads will welcome the red cup to the land of discards and after thoughts. And the church isn't the only one to have discards and after thoughts. Remember the ALS water challenge, Bring Our Girls Back, Game of Thrones, risky behavior filmed and posted, deflate gate...I could go on cause the heap gets higher everyday.

There are so many festivals and craft fairs up here and it is difficult to decide which ones to attend. It is much easier here to buy local and support local businesses and artists. It has made gift buying a lot more fun and I thought it was fun beforehand. This year I participated in something I never ever thought I would be a part of and that my friends is the WMU. Back in the day that was women's ministry. My mom didn't participate in it very much but she made me go to GA's. Anyway, the WMU of North Carolina prepares red boxes, not to be confused with red cups, for women in prison and in jail. My friend told me I could go to the dollar store and just about find everything. She was right only having to find personal size tissues someplace else. I would have put in some of my festive ones but uniformity is the call for the boxes so women won't get into fights over the stuff. So now I just need to assemble the box and bring it back on Sunday. Writing about red boxes is much more fun than red cups.

Mike the Mower Man will be here in just a bit to discuss putting in the stone stairs giving access to the flat part of the front yard.

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