Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Time for a Praise Him, Praise Report

Yesterday morning I woke up a little bit before 4:00 am. It has always been my habit to have a radio on for most of the night and here of late, the station is KHCB. Now, don't age me up because I have been doing this, but I like that they read scripture in between the music all night long. And these days you know for me it is all about keeping a low stress level. Anyway, in my groggy state I heard them reading Zep 3:17. My spirit soared because that verse so ministered to me after our near miss of being in New York on 9/11. Then a song began to play and it seemed so familiar to me. I realized it was a song from the first youth musical I was ever in after becoming a Christian. Of course those two times are milestones for me and on the day I am to get my nuclear stress test results, how loving is the Lord to use KHCB to minister His presence in such a specific way. Oh for those of you that have no clue what a youth musical is, it is a 70's contemporary phenomenon. Upbeat music, with 70's themes of what youth were facing back in the day and then of course the big production number that ties everything up nicely in bow. We got to wear PANTSUITS! Never been done before, but if our heads bobbed a little too much or there was any movement to the music, that got shut down in rehearsals. Oh what a forerunner I was for the contemporary of now.

Off I am grateful to Jesus for that little somethin, somethin extra for me yesterday. I wrote in my journal before going in the DR. office of what I had experienced, read and felt was from the Lord the past few weeks, dated and timed it.

Here are the Praise Him results
  • My heart is up to 36% usage up from 10% on September 11
  • Very little damage to my heart from my heart attack
  • No blockages
  • I have a virus in my heart and it has cause all the health related issues. I have had the virus for a short amount of time, heart wise, and I will have the same or better quality of health than before all this happened
  • Not back to longer hours yet at work, but that will happen as I work back into that. I also now have a walking plan in place to help me recover and gain strength
  • Holidays can be celebrated again. I did not tell Roy yesterday, he got home too late. I am sure there are holidays to be celebrated all week long :)
  • I am tolerating the medicine very well.

I will have a echo cardiogram December 30 and will have a few more appointments in between now and then.

I was so excited I asked the Dr if I could do a little jump and scream. He told me I am not out of the woods yet being at 36% usage. So I did a little 36% jump and shout. He just looked at me kind of strange.

Again, I appreciate the prayers, kind words and thoughts. I have been so encouraged by such wonderful known and unknown friends. I am on the right road and moving in the right direction...Psalms 84 is the shout and cry of my 36% physical heart and 100% spiritual heart.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Saturday, Saturday

October is why we live in Houston the rest of the year. Yesterday, was a perfect day weather wise. Early morning temps were cool, the afternoon mild and breezy, and the evening turned back to cool. It has been great convertible weather. Last year I brought out the crock pot to coax the weather to become fallish, this year I haven't had to resort of any such thing.

Roy returns home today from Branson. He was at a conference and just the mere fact of getting away has been beneficial to his health and outlook. Really, think about all he has to manage at the office and then come home to do things around here that I am not able to do. He had no place of refuge. When he called from Tulsa on Wednesday, I could already here the change in his voice. He decided early on not to read any emails from the office. I think that was a good choice.

Yesterday, I went to Sugarland to get my hair cut and on the way home again tried to locate the Life Time Fitness in the Town and Country area. I was successful. Made an appointment with Stacey and took a tour of the facilities. Wow, very nice. I came home and knew I really didn't want to stay inside, although there are many things that need taken care of inside. The phone rang. It was Dena, she had been at a business meeting and lunch off site and had returned home. She was thinking the very same thing about being inside and offered the suggestion of Starbucks and enjoying the great out of doors. She came by and we were off for an afternoon of enjoying the weather and delightful conversation. Oh yes, the people watching was good too. On the way back taking me home, we stopped at Cafe Express to get to go. Right now I am in love with the chicken soup and bought some for lunch today. The play grocery store was my chef last night.

I go Tuesday for an appointment with the DR for the results from my tests.

I am trying to have an easy going Saturday morning, but Buddy has different thoughts. She has discovered the bookcases in the den/closet. She is full of energy this morning. She seems a little disheartened that I don't want to join in the fun. So to keep me somewhat interested, I hear something drop to the floor from time to time. Of course, I go investigate. I think she has finally settled into her morning nap time.

New Mary Mary CD is good. I listened to it yesterday while running errands.

Again, the great outdoors is calling my name. I am contemplating taking my book and iPod out by the pool or sit in the courtyard. Probably the courtyard. Seems the older ladies here take great offense if you sit by the pool and don't want to visit.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A Report on Nuclear Stress Tests

A funny green glow is emanating from me tonight. I touched my iPod and it was instantly recharged. The lap top is performing faster than usual. I am faster than a speeding bullet and able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. This funny green doesn't mean I am not celebrating Fall Festival Day early, but I had a nuclear stress test today. The thing sounds worse than it is. I always bring a book with me to waiting situations and I was the only one of our group today who had a book. Everyone else was punished by having to watch CNN at an ear drum shattering level. I also got in a lot of Face book reading on my phone and some texting. It was an amazing thing to see how efficient this ran. There were four over sized comfortable chairs in our area and not one person ever had to stand and wait for a chair to be vacated. A treadmill stress test patient nearly rocked the boat on efficiency. He was really ticked that everyone else sitting around him got the injection to make the heart look like it had exercised, he had to do it the old fashioned way.

Once you get hooked up with the IV portal and get injected, you mainly wait. Then you lay or lie down (I don't remember the correct usage. Don't mess with me, I am Radioactive Girl!) The tech tries to get you comfortable and situated. The arms over head thing is difficult. My advice for whenever you get one of these, make sure you are in a position that is comfortable, don't think about what if I need to cough, don't start thinking about that little tiny sized pin hole of an itch on your right cheek, and if you fall asleep, don't do the leg jerk thing. I saved up prayer requests and prayed those minutes away. The first run went by quickly. Then you go back and wait your turn to get the electrodes on and the radiation injected to make your heart exercise. After hearing about some experiences from friends, this was the thing I was most afraid of. Thanks to all my praying friends, it went well and much better than anticipated.

Now here is the funny thing, they get you all hooked up and the woman tech says, I need to undo your bra for this. So I sit up a little, her hand is behind my shirt and that woman has the bra undone in 2 seconds. I told her this is a skill that most men wish they had. You could run a little Learning Annex class on the side here and make Christmas money. She was laughing so hard, other techs and nurses came in cause they thought a patient was having a bad reaction to the stress test.

The second time, I was back to lay or lie down. It didn't seem to go as fast. But, I still prayed and then did a lot of thinking. Then a lot of watching activity out of the corner of my eye. I did not follow my helpful hints from above and had my right arm at a non comfortable angle. I was released and so I left.

Tonight I missed the call to set up my follow up appointment for the results of my test. They told me it would take a couple of days, but the DR has them and wants to see me. I will call in the morning and get that set up.

I bragged too soon on my ATM prowess. I gave the tellers a much needed laugh. Roy wanted me to get some cash for him yesterday for a conference. In my floaty haze, I come into the parking lot and need to make a wide turn for the drive up ATM. Coming at me is a UPS mini van. How come everyone who drives a mini van thinks the thing is a bus. The guy had plenty of room, but he is giving me hey, I am driving a wide load bus here and you must relinquish all of the room for me. So I have to make this incredibly tight turn and just when I think I am making it all smooth like...I am driving up the divider curb. If I hadn't noticed this so quickly in my mind floating state...I could have been on two wheels getting cash. I backed up hoping no one one but tellers with nothing else to do but laugh at the old lady in the convertible and I had the top down. Here's to winning most favorite account holder next month.

Of course I was driving with no caffeine in me. The past 24 hours were not too bad. No headache or anything. Even wasn't all that hungry this morning, but I did have a slice of toast and a little water. When I was leaving I stopped by the pharmacy to get a Diet Coke...only caffeine free, so I waited until I got home to have a Diet Coke and a salad for lunch. And for those of you who know my LOVE of all things Diet Coke and always searching for the best Diet Coke ever, it was the best one today, but it wouldn't rate up there on the top ten list.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

We Have Our Computer Back

Roy has gone beyond the call of duty and he has worked diligently to get everything working. He spent most of Friday evening at Micro Center. Tonight he spent most of the evening on the phone with Sprint. He is the most tenacious man I have ever met. I love him!!!!

This morning Dena and I had tickets to the Trend Show at The Nord. She won a door prize to boot. The show was great and just as we were beginning to shop in Cosmetics, all the power went off. Flash back to Ike and there was a lot of post traumatic stress going on in those few dark moments. The Nord must have an automatic generator because soon the lights returned but we had a bit of a wait as the computers powered back up. We made our purchases and were ready to head to Buffalo Grille for breakfast. As we drove along in Mustang Sally and it was the perfect day for the top to be down, we noticed lights being out in such a large and random area. So, by the time we got to BG, they let us know they had no power. We decided to punt breakfast and ramp up for lunch. We took the scenic drive through Memorial Park to Molina's. Ah, it was a great lunch. I dropped Dena off at her home and went on over to Highland Village. Found a few fun things there and I headed home. Roy found me napping when he got home and we made a quick trip to the cleaners and to Goode Company. Came home, I napped some more, then I returned to Nord with my tickets from this morning in hand. This morning with all the fuss, the lady checking us out didn't know how to use the tickets for the discount. They are only good today, so I went and purchased another item from Smashbox.

Oh yes, to my younger friends...if you ever see me in an outfit that screams for truth in love to be spoken to me, please do so. I kind of think I know that was a bad choice of clothing and style for our older friend, but I need the truth to be spoken if I go all double knit and SAS shoes. Speak to me...!!! I will think you don't love me if you let me walk around like that.

Since I have become such a frequent and now experienced ATM user, I don't think my tapes even get a look see anymore. I don't do the freak out surprised look of where does the money come out and what about the receipt?

Monday night was Bunko and it was so much fun! Although it is the most subdued night of playing Bunko for me. I have more stress and activity at work than how quiet and calm I was on Monday night.

Tuesday morning I had another scare as I headed off to our Ministries Off site meeting. Buddy was no where to be found. I called Roy frantically asking him a million questions about his observations in the hall as he left for work earlier. I walked around the third floor just in case. No sign of Buddy, but I kind of felt like she was at home. She has a new hiding place. Roy even called the office to let them know if anyone found a little gray cat, he would come get her. Of course she was here when I came home Tuesday afternoon. Now, he puts her in our bedroom and closes the door before he leaves. Then I let her out when I get up. Seems to be working so far.

Friday, October 17, 2008

A Friday Notation

This has been one busy Friday. I had a lot of stuff to take care of at home, needed to run errands and then come into work. Roy is at home with the window guy replacing our broken pane of glass that happened during Ike. Once that is finished Roy is going over to Micro Center with our lap top and see how to get the back up loaded onto our now fixed with new motherboard computer.

Saw a look at Rice Epicurean today, that should not be. 90 year old woman, low rider jeans, short white top, grayish blond flipped 1960 hair and really BIG plastic rim glasses. Bless her, she could not stand up straight so her withered Joe the plumber backside was showing. Someone who loves her should stop her before leaving home.

I've decided that Buddy and my relationship reminds me of Jr High friendships. You know going along just fine and then someone gets mad for a little bit. Then just as quickly as it started, they like you again and all is kind of forgotten until the next time.

My brother called yesterday and told me a great story. He found a 3 legged cat at his back door. He put up signs, fed it, but tried not to let it in his house. One day it got in and he liked to never get the cat out. He called the Animal Shelter cause he was going to bring in the cat. The lady said, "sir it is like I told your wife this morning, we have not found a 3 legged cat." What a happy ending...Tripod and owners were reunited and it feels so good. They sent Doug a thank you note and the story of how Tripod lost his leg as a kitten. Doug was thrilled that there was a happy ending to all of this.

Next up on Tuesday, nuclear stress test.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Just Some Friday Stuff

This has been one of those weeks. Kind of good, kind of bad, with some stress thrown in for good measure. I have enjoyed coming into work this week, no really! I like the feel of purpose. I also like the fact that Jason has not been too demanding and is actually afraid he might give me another heart attack. So, it has been a good ease back into the routine. I have totally loved getting to be social and see all my friends here at the office. My stamina still isn't where it needs to be but it will take time and patience. I'm willing to do that.

Tuesday night, I was in bed early and Roy got home around 9:00 pm. Once I knew he was home, I fell right to sleep. I woke up around midnight and Buddy had not joined us yet. That is not unusual, so I went back to sleep till 5:00 am. No Buddy. I called for her and even woke up Roy to whistle cause she comes when he whistles. Nothing...I checked her food area and she had not eaten the treats I had left her. That is not her usual behavior. I was getting nervous. I opened the front door and there was a note on it from our across the hall neighbors. They saw Buddy sitting at the front door crying when they came home late on Tuesday night. They had her and the note said come over anytime for her. Of course you know me, I wanted Roy to go over there right then and there. We compromised on 5:30 am. I mean Sophie and I leave for work about the same time, so they would be waking up soon. Roy went over and Martin let him in. They had put up their two cats and their food. That was really thoughtful cause cats digestive systems are strange when it comes to food changes. In fact Martin really like Buddy cause she slept next to him most of the night. That news didn't bode well with Roy, because she never sleeps up close with him only me. They started looking for Buddy and couldn't find her. Roy whistled and she began crying, she was in a corner hiding in their kitchen. Of course I rejoiced when I heard our front door open and I called for Buddy. She came running, let me pet her and then ignored me. You know they have to do that. Later in the morning she could not get enough of me.

Now back in the day I would have been so angry with Roy. The past few weeks he has let the front door stand open and I told him one day you are not going to notice Buddy getting out in the hall. He felt so bad and kept saying please don't stress, please don't stress, you know where she is...please don't stress. I remained calm, but y'all it was such a God thing. Needless to say we do a Buddy check every time the front door is open. I am glad we have closed in hallways...

Thursday I was walking to the car in our parking lot. I was a little distance from it when it felt like someone had shoved me from behind. Such an impact that I stumbled and bumbled and did a full on laid out belly flop. My purse, keys and book went flying while I was trying to brace myself for the fall. I felt like I was going for a dig in volleyball and now know why 54 year old women do not play volleyball, it hurt. My right hand is scraped up from skidding, my knees are bruised, hip bruised and my shoulders are so sore. Once I realized that nothing was broken, I became more concerned if someone saw me fall. Good, no one. Then the utmost prideful concern, was anyone going to see me get up. It is not a pretty sight. Came on into work and got some band aids and Neosporin with pain relief on my cuts and scrapes. Then I noticed my thumbnail was broken below the I womaned it up and ripped it off. Ouch!!!!! I woke up this morning and I felt like I had worked out way too much and I am sporting several new colorful bruises.

OK, is anyone else freaked out about the guppies that have been banned in pedicures? The little fishies eat the dead skin off your feet. What if you went to a saloon where they don't speak very much English and they don't like you...they could put piranhas in the water and it would be more than some dead skin removal. What if you are the last client of the day and the fish are full? Strange...

Also, what is the deal about 3 ply Northern toilet tissue? Who knew that two wasn't enough?

I am not going to go to our Women's Retreat tonight. I originally was going to be in a group that competed for our American Idle contest. I know me and I would throw caution to the wind and do stuff on stage I should not do. I plan to go for some of it tomorrow.

So, I am going to go to Bunko Monday night. I am sure I will be able to stay calm and stress free. I would think any Bunkos rolled would be mine, you don't want to get my heart level up. Ha ha....

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Tuesdays with Nancy

So when we last left Monablog, the computer was on the fritz again and Roy contemplating what to do about it. He took it back to Micro Center. Sunday night they called to let him know we have a bad motherboard. Shut your mouth. I'm talking about Shaft... Oh sorry, Isac Hayes just came into my mind with the theme from the movie Shaft, made a long time ago in the 70's. So, the lap top is going back to HP and will return in 10 to 15 days.

Today was my 2 week trip to see the cardiologist. Good news/bad news...first the good news. I have lost 31 pounds since September 11. My blood pressure is 120/70 which means I am tolerating the meds well. My ankles are now just that, ankles not chankles. Bad news, which isn't really bad news although he would like my heart beat really to be more stabilized before doing this. He is moving up the timing on the nuclear stress test. That will happen on the 21st. I am having pain, shortness of breath and anxiety when I find myself in certain stressful situations. I told him it is not the big stuff that upsets me, I remain calm, it is the little bitty, tiny, small stuff that really gets to me. Like Roy pouring fabric softener right into the water when he washed some clothes... it shouldn't bother me, but it does.... fortunately, nothing was ruined or stained. See, that is really small... I should be so happy he is willing to help with the laundry and he made that mistake on his clothes not mine... see little, petty. The second thing I learned today was still no strenuous exercise, housework, cooking, and Linda S you might be the only one who picks up on this, no celebrating holidays yet.

Now, I could get very used to my work schedule. I am working about 2 to 2 and a half hours a day. In the afternoon when I am home, I am taking about an hour to two hour nap. Getting a lot of reading in and actually have had time to write some notes.

This is quarter close for Roy and he is putting in a lot of hours. I hope tonight is the last of these long days. He didn't get home until 1:00 am last night. He had his whole staff working trying to get things closed out. He even went into the office on Sunday which is something he really tries not to do.

OK, I am really trying hard to think of something funny, but you know when you are sleeping a lot, you miss out on a lot. Roy did say the other day, I wonder if casserole lady knows how close I came to loosing you. It does make me want to say something to her, but she might totally stress me out and then she wouldn't even have to make a plan or she would hide behind doors and yell surprise at me when I came home.

Well that is all the news and the happenings for now.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Friday at the Office

I am writing from the office. I usually don't do this but I am here past my two hours and need to shut things down for the day. Also, our computer at home is messed up again.

Yesterday, I came in for a couple of hours and then napped for 3 hours afterwards. Getting my strength back will be a journey. My body doesn't know the difference between fun and work. I got caught up in visiting with everyone. Today I cleaned out some supplies and rearranged a few things. Nothing heavy, but it is enough.

I came back to a brand new computer. I have a docking station for the laptop and a huge flat screen. I think I could do traffic control with this screen or be a trader. Anyway, I think my antique computer has been passed on to someone who has an even older computer than mine.

Roy totally frightened me last night. Because I over did yesterday, I wasn't feeling well last night. When Roy came to bed he could not hear or see my breathing. I woke up with a hand in my face and it frightened me, you know coming out of a dead sleep. It was Roy checking to see if I was breathing. He could have just said my name or something.

Well, that is about all the happenings for now. Hopefully I will have something of note to post soon.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Life is Good

On the outset I will ask you all to forgive my brain barf that might take place in this post. Our computer crashed over the weekend and Roy took it over to Micro Center on Sunday. It has been acting strange and odd for quite some time. The mouse pointer disappears, then the screen goes black, and sometimes will come back up and sometimes not. I had been telling Roy about this for over a week, but I think my pleas were dismissed until everything happened to him in one sitting. It didn't take long for the boy to high tail it out to the service dept at Micro Center.

OK, so today he asked if I would be able to pick up the laptop. He has a meeting at Fulbright and Jaywarski tonight. Let me tell you right off the bat, I have never, NEVER ever been inside Micro Center. It is nerd paradise! First observation, nerds can't drive. Nearly was hit twice in the parking lot. Must be those thick glasses. Nerds walk really fast and their hips swivel around like nobodies business. I hit the line with only two in front of me. Mostly returns. I felt under equipped with no blue tooth to go with my Centro phone. When the service person could not find our lap top, I felt nerd judgement going on behind me. I should have worn a blouse so I could use a pocket protector... or taped my glasses with duct tape or something. Clearly I was not of their ilk. I almost turned around to announce I was married to a nerd and I say that about Roy in the kindest way. He has manners and there is more to his life than computer gadgets and Star Wars. I was most happy to leave with found lap top and get the heck out of dodge. I immediately went to Uptown Park and felt all was right with the world.

I also made a stop at the Play grocery store. I needed to pick up some fruit and something already prepared for dinner. Which like an old person I have already had. I didn't eat lunch today and since Roy won't be home for dinner I went ahead and had my grilled veggies, roasted turkey and mashed potatoes.

Been doing some good reading. I finally got to read The Secret Life of Bees...loved it! Now I want to see the movie. I started a new Robert Whitlow book and I like it. So, I am reading it very slowly. I have been reading some Wendell Berry books. They are set in Kentucky and I am feeling that kinship of place because my dad's side of the family is from there. I started Home to Holly Springs and The Bible Salesman.

I have know my friend Marty since the 7th grade. She and her husband were in Houston because he had been life flighted in from Amarillo with an aortic aneurysm. Because of my condition I was was not able to make it to the hospital but kept up on Face Book. Bobby should have died, but God still has plans for him. The whole story is just one huge miracle of God. Marty called me one afternoon this week and we rejoiced, laughed and cried together over God's goodness and faithfulness.

On Saturday Dena and I went to Lupes. I had been thinking about their fajitas for quite some time. I was able to bring home leftovers to Roy and he scarfed that down. He has never been that interested in Lupes, but I think he is now.

On the subject of Roy, I have to tell you he has gone beyond all I could ever think or ask. He is so busy at the office with new projects and quarter close, yet he comes home and does those things I am unable to do. He wasn't really happy with me yesterday cause I vacuumed the living room. Had to, I put together a new floor lamp and those little Styrofoam things were everywhere. Buddy was trying to eat them. When our power returned, he came home and finished wiping down the refrigerator and our standing freezer. Yesterday morning before he left for work, he sat down and talked with me about decisions I will be making in the coming weeks. He wanted me to know how he has been praying and thought he should give me a word of encouragement. He reminds me everyday not to push myself too hard. He tells me several times a day that he loves me. Roy also lets me know when I get crabby but in a nice way. He says you must be feeling better to have noticed that little issue. Well, that kind of cuts to the heart of the matter.

There is more stuff that is rumbling around in my brain, but I should end this about now. Thanks for the prayers, the pieces of Flair, FB messages and phone calls. Thanks for the cards in the mail. Thanks for being so generous to me. I cannot tell y'all how much I appreciate it. Well, maybe I will proof this and then open my package from Life is Good. They had a sale of some of their t shirts and I think it might be good to wear a life is good message.