Wednesday, May 5, 2010

And Now a Condomanium Report

It is officially summer here at the condomanium. Fern, Deloris and several other ladies are out by the pool. There are two young men out there as well and they look dreadfully out of place with the older set in the majority today. No one in the pool yet but they are loaded with supplies of books, drinks, sunscreen and food.

Another development here at the condomanium is a recent widow pursuing the widower across the hall. I've seen her at his door several times in the past few weeks. She's asking questions about upcoming condo social events and whether he will be attending or not. He is such a nice gentleman but he gives me looks as I pass by and his eyes are saying help me.... I think the recent widow is having a hard time adjusting to life alone. She still has her Christmas wreath on her door and from time to time while passing through the courtyard, her voice comes from her patio above asking what day of the week it is. We take her trash down to the dumpster for her but she really wants the widower to do that. She is working hard on getting him to notice her.

This week upon returning home from working out, one of our down the hall neighbors was coming out the door with a woman who is not his wife or girlfriend. It was kind of obvious what they had been up to. You can tell just by their faces and the fact the woman kept tugging at her skirt to come down over her rear end. From time to time in all these years of walking our hallways, very few conversations of a higher decibel are heard. Here of late that has changed. It is hard walking by doors where someone is getting chewed out royally and it can be heard loud and clear in the hallways. Hall neighbor I mention above has been yelling a lot lately at his wife or girlfriend. I pray for them, but yelling always breaks my heart.

Casserole lady is not happy with my weight loss. Less of me to step on to get to Roy if I dropped dead in the hall. Her interest has diminished in him and that makes me happy. Him too!

We have a new property manager and I like her more than the last one. A new recycling program has started and there have been more meet and greets. She keeps up with packages much better and her office help is very nice.

Yesterday as I was walking in the front hallway to the office a familiar fragrance met me. Not a food fragrance but the hallway fragrance was of Falls Hall dorm at SWTSU now known as Texas State. It didn't take me a second to even think, what does this remind me of? I had a few minutes of reliving some great college pranks and fun that happened on our hall. Ah memories.

That's about it for condomanium updates. I'm sure there will be more throughout the summer. Looks to be a young person summer by the pool this year.

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courtney said...

I so enjoy these updates. Thanks for including Casserole Lady.