Monday, May 17, 2010

Ease on Into Monday

Man, getting computer time on the weekends is hard to come by. Roy is immersed in 80's TV via I've never been one who can watch hours and hours of TV. Now reading a book or books is a different story.

On Friday night we had planned to go to a Rice baseball game. Roy has only been to one game this season and I'm due my once a season attendance but the dark sky bode an ominous threat and we decided just to eat at Collina's and then try to beat the rain home. The rain won. With Roy entertained by The A Team, I was ensconced in the Amish chair with a good book and a couple of magazines. Not a bad way to spend a Friday evening in my book.

Saturday morning, we had pancakes at Pappasita's. Oh those are just so good and my once a week indulgence. We even remembered to bring the sugar free syrup this time. Then we ran a couple of errands, one that included 5 bags of clothes to the Goodwill. When we got home Roy and I cleaned up the place. Of course once that was done, Roy was back in the 80's. I ran to the Play Grocery Store for dinner and some fruit for the week. Had a great deal on cherries and blackberries.

We went to La Fiesta for lunch after church on Sunday. We haven't eaten out like this for months on a given weekend. We've been eating My Fit Food for most of our evening meals. And really the choices for me on places to eat is so narrowed down now that eating out isn't that much fun. Since I am only 24 pounds from the goal the Dr's set for me, I have been contemplating the maintain mode and getting the mindset for that. That is not as much fun, well fun might not be the correct word, but let's see, oh yes, may not be as challenging. OK, challenging isn't the word either because it is going to be a challenge to maintain. The word is competitive, cause competing against me mindset is the one that changes and challenges me the most.

We've had a good sub in Sunday School. Only I tend to check out mentally when someone teaches from Romans. Oh, now anything beyond Romans 11, and I'm all ears but my attention span is so short on all the doctrinal teaching of Romans. Loved that Jesus has done it all and I believe it all, just can't study it for any period of time. This is not a reflection on the teacher who is good, but on me, attention span of a gnat. But I haven't wasted that time by talking to my neighbor, texting or disrupting. I've quietly read some of my favorite passages in the Bible and I have loved that time with the Lord.

This morning I am easing into Monday. I am making a slower start than usual. I kind of got an emotional kick to the stomach this weekend with some news I received. And once the big picture is in place, those wounds of the wounded won't be so heartfelt. The Word I read in Sunday School was a comfort and came immediately to mind when the story began to reveal itself. Or I could be easing into Monday because I don't have to rush into the day. These days are few and far between and I like to take advantage of the slowness when I have the chance.


Grami's girls said...

Easing into any day is nice but especially on Monday!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Easing into Monday seems to never happen for me....I WISH