Sunday, May 30, 2010

A Vacay Stay at the Inn on the Biltmore Estate

We just got back from a wonderful vacay at the Inn on the Biltmore Estate. It is one of our very favorite places to go. We can get away, relax, ride horses, tour, read, eat and take pictures. Roy and I have an established pattern when we visit, only this time I was the one waking up early and going downstairs for some quiet time and the best coffee and I'm not saying that because it is complimentary from 5:30-10:00 am.

So we have spent some blissful and fun days in North Carolina. Here are just a few pictures and I will be adding some more to other posts. I have a funny story about the spa and the massage I received. It wasn't a good massage but I did get a funny story out of it. God really showed off His creation to us in those days. We were wowed! Psalm 104 is one of my favorite Psalms and it comes alive at the Biltmore.

Roy took this picture of the Inn from the hiking path that is in front of the hotel. If you look closely I'm standing at the window of our room.
This is a bridge. Well duh, you might say, but this bridge was used in the movie The Last of the Mohican's.
Roy actually caught the reflection of the house in the reflection pond that was originally named the lagoon. It has to be perfect conditions with the wind and water to get the reflection. He was there at the right time.

These geese have stopped going South for the winter and stay at the Biltmore Estate year round. Hey, they aren't dumb. In this field is corn that has just been planted. It is a no till field so the seed is punched into the land. These geese must think it is room service.

I love this next picture. So beautiful!

We actually drove home straight through, 17 and a half hours on Thursday. It wasn't our plan but once we hit Louisiana, we thought we might as well head on home. We arrived a little before 9:00. On our way to Asheville, we dealt with closed Interstates outside of Baton Rouge and horrific rain in Alabama. On our way home it was intermittent fog in the Smoky Mountains and a slow mini van that nearly brought traffic to a crawl in Lake Charles.

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Anonymous said...

Glad you guys had a great vacay! I'm always super jealous when you go to the Biltmore - it is a most awesome area and so beautiful!