Monday, May 10, 2010

Mostly Monday

This has truly been a catch up on some rest day. Our weekend was much busier than usual. This place could use a quick clean up and I think that is next on the schedule. If I dust and vacuum, that should do the trick, at least for now. The only thing on the schedule today was meeting my parents at Cleburene's Cafeteria close to West U. We were celebrating Mother's Day a day late. It has been the longest time since last eating there and I'd forgotten how good the food is. Only be prepared because they only take cash if you decide to make the trip. My parents split just about everything they eat now and they have a friend Suzanne that they've become acquainted with as they're return customers several times a week. They split their cake with Suzanne. It's a blessing that my mom still knows who we are but so much of her conversation is difficult to understand. She gets frustrated trying to communicate with us and ironically, she has been quiet, soft spoken and not given to much conversation most of her life. My mom has always been very conscious of weight and although she said things to me through the years, she never just came out and said anything as I continued to pile on the pounds. Today, she grabbed me and pulled me close to her and said, "you've lost a lot of weight! Good for you!" Made me kind of happy she could verbalize that. Those of you with older parents will appreciate this because if your parents are like mine, they are early...for everything...really always early. To them, when we show up on time, we are late. With this in mind, I got there at 10:45 because we were to meet at 11:00. Yep, I'm on senior citizen meal times today. I'm starving at 5:00 and trying to make it to 6:00 before eating. Anyway, I show up, look for their mini van, yes my parents drive a mini van much to my dislike, and it isn't in any of the three parking lots. I go inside looking for them, not there waiting on the benches for the line to open. So I wait for them outside, getting a little worried that it is after 11 and they aren't there. Got out the cell phone and called their home just to see if they remembered. You know better than to call their cell because I bet ya it isn't on and they probably left it at home. Finally, after waiting about 10 minutes they arrive.

Saturday morning we went to Baytown for our friend's father's funeral. Such a sweet and lovely service. Several of us from Sunday School were there and we were invited to stay for lunch at the church. There are some really good cooks there in Baytown. I wanted to take Roy to the dump in Baytown that has a picnic area, but I knew we wouldn't be able to get admittance because we don't have a proper sticker on the windshield. After leaving Baytown, we had several errands to run before going to the Night of Worship by the California Baptist University Choir at church. Wow, it was an awesome experience.

Sunday morning we went to 9:30 service and skipped Sunday School and went to Pappasita's for pancakes. There was already a huge crowd but we were seated. Somehow our order got misplaced or mess up or something. The manager came by our table twice to apologize. He comped our meals and asked if we wanted to add anything to our original order... That was so nice. So I got a Mother's Day meal from Pappasita's. It worked out perfectly because we didn't have so much time to kill before going out to Peggy's. She had a bunch of the kids from the choir coming out to join her 9 girls staying there to play on the lake. We had a lot of fun with them but we left early because once again, we had a whole lot to get done at home. Apparently in the whole lot to get done, cleaning up around here got pushed far back on the list.

I know some of you are saying, that isn't even busy for a weekend. Well, yeah, I know but with such strict parameters on me, I was pushing it.


courtney said...

sounds busy to me. and we eat dinner at 6 every night. hmmm...maybe i'm getting old?

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

It was mostly Monday for me too....I am going to come to Houston some time this summer and hope you and I can share a meal....Have a GREAT week.