Monday, April 10, 2017

A Fun Day- Such a Witty Title

I remain so thankful and grateful to live here with such wonderful friends. Roy and I are so blessed. We were talking today about how many houses and how many different areas we looked at while searching for a home in NC. We were looking far and wide and the house we found and love today is only a half of a mile from the cottage we rented in August 2014. God knew what He was doing. I don't know if I would have transitioned as well living over on Balsam Mountain. I would have been snowed in a lot for sure.

Roy and I began the day with my session with Taylor. Roy worked out while Taylor and I worked on getting me stronger and of course more functional in daily life. Then since we had worked out it didn't seem too bad to go to The Blue Rooster for lunch. It was so very delicious! We headed over to Belk's because Roy wanted to get some new ties and dress shirts. We also found pizza cutters ands storage bowls. We headed over to the Hazelwood area to stop in at Robin Blu. RB is on the must stop and shop list when friends come to visit. I found a few thing to purchase and to come home with me. With Roy there, he kind of cramped my style on a few things that would be wall decor. A metal sign will get my attention every time. Next we went to Mast General Store and as we were pulling onto the back street to find a parking spot, a car pulled out of a close one to the store. Again, Roy found some things, exciting things like socks and a t-shirt. Since one lane is closed on I 40 going west we took the back route through Bethyl and kind of close to Cold Mountain. We went through Canton, which drives Roy's eyes and nose bonkers because of the papermill. I did locate Southern Porch which is another restaurant I would like to try. We came home and enjoyed some front porch time. Then Gale and Judy dropped by to pick up something to help a fellow Sunday School classmate. Karon also stopped in with a beautiful wreath she made. I cannot wait to hang it and it is too pretty to hand on the front door where I will never see it, so I think I might hang it on the backdoor, inside the house so I can enjoy it. It goes perfectly in the kitchen with the colors.

We decided to eat some black eyed pea jambalaya that I had frozen when I made it last month. Delicious! Roy is settled in upstairs watching reruns of Remington Steele. I happily blog and have a feeling I will fall into bed early this evening. Tired from such a fun day.

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