Tuesday, April 4, 2017

A Beautiful Day After The Rain

When you wake up because your Fitbit is celebrating all the cardio work you've done during the night, if the tell tale fluttering and lurching heartbeat doesn't alarm you, then you know you are awakening in afib. That is where I found myself this morning. So you wake up exhausted because your heart has been running a marathon. I got up, relaxed a bit and then got ready to go to workout training. I was out of afib but still lots of fluttering going on. So for only the second time I took the meds that help you get your heart into a smooth rhythm and then when I got to the workout I told Taylor maybe just stretches or something. We did an hour of restorative work with the jackhammer deep tissue machine and stretches. It was awesome! I also learned that of all the people he has worked with after hip and knee replacements I have the most range of motion of anyone. He is really surprised with my hip because it moves and functions like it had never been replaced.  Thank you Lady of the Lourdes hospital and thank you Jesus.

We are pretty much having a rainy day. All this rain moved off from Texas and through the south. Since we've been here there haven't been too many of these kinds of days. It has tapered off some but radar holds some yellows and reds if they move this way. The birds are really singing especially the cardinals.
We did have almost a day long rain event yesterday. The two years we have been here there haven't been too many of those kinds of days. Everything looks so green and spring-like. Around 4:00 the skies began to clear and we had a bit of sun to finish out the day. This morning the sun is out and it looks to be a beautiful day.

I think my heart is starting to get back into a good mode. A bit of fluttering and higher beats per minute at times but it is feeling like it has calmed down since this time yesterday morning. Thankfully, Fitbit did not congratulate me this morning on a great cardio work out through the night. I internalize more in the past years, so things affect me but not so much outwardly like they did before.

Sunday evening before choir practice Brenda came over and brought me supper. Of course I usually make three meals out of everything she brings. Today will be the third meal out of everything she brought, pork lion and gravy, sweet potatoes, baked apples, homemade mac and cheese, rolls and banana bread. She was here Saturday when my brother called with the news of our fathers passing. She had brought over homemade chicken salad for lunch. We visited a little more after the phone call and then I spent the rest of the afternoon and evening here thinking and praying. So thankful my father went peacefully after a difficult morning trying to breathe. So thankful for my brother being there and holding his hand when he passed.

Today is the service for a friend's son who was killed Friday night in a motorcycle crash. I could see the red flashing lights from a front window. It is a scary curve.

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