Thursday, April 6, 2017

Joyous Celebration Today Verses Total Discouragement Yesterday

Last night was a whole lot better than the night before. Truthfully, I thought I might die Tuesday night, not because I am morbid or wanting to be all dramatic but because the pounding afib beat was the worst I have experienced in a very long time. No way to be comfortable with no sleep coming on the horizon. Heart rate up and down, so hard to watch. So, taking off the Fitbit is one of the best decisions I made yesterday. I went to the project desk and pulled out a journal and began writing a few things down. I marked a couple of verses in my Bible but all the while praying and thanking God He had heard my cry, petition, and prayers. After having a good day yesterday I was optimistic that I would go to bed and fall right to sleep. It didn't happen and there was a bit of tossing and turning adjusting to get into the least afib feeling position and finally sleep came. I only got up once and then slept till 8:00 am. Today I feel a little better than I did yesterday but not a 100%. Some of that is due to lack of sleep from the other night and even light afib which what it feels like now is exhausting. the Lord is at work in me and so are the drugs that I have available to help me. Also no coffee the past few mornings and drinking a lot of water.

I was reading a southern book review email and this particular publication said a new Gail Godwin book had been released and available on March 31, 2017. I went to Amazon to read reviews and the like. There Amazon said it would be June 6th for the release date. This made me feel a little better about keeping up with favorite authors but then a little sad that it will be summer before the book is released because you know, there aren't very many books in our house to be read. Oh, that lightning bolt was a little too close for comfort, although the storms have moved out of the area.

It is my favorite time of the day in this season, to sit at the kitchen table and watch birds, rabbits and squirrels out the back windows. Bunny Foo Foo and I must be on the same eating schedule. The crazy squirrel that sunbathes on our back deck just made an appearance. There must be a lot of clover up by the gravel road because Bunny Foo Foo spends a lot of time up there and then comes down for dessert around the feeder. Those bunnies love them some clover. Big Daddy cardinal has come and gone but he will be back. He comes around dusk and has a little supper when the feeder and the yard isn't filled with all the comings and goings of finches, wrens, sparrows, squirrels and bunnies.

After a disheartening yesterday, today is filled with joyous celebration that the doctor offices have called me back and yes, people get ready....appointments are coming with both a primary care doctor and the cardiologist. The appointments are the week after next and that my friends is a miracle. I know the primary care doctor from Houston's First Baptist Church. Roy was his eight grade Sunday School teacher and we watched a few soccer games the good doctor played in as an eighth grader. He isn't taking new patients but I guess the disappointment in my voice and the acknowledgment of knowing him must have swayed the scheduler to cut out a step that saved some time. Karen called me back this afternoon  just as a friend in Houston and I were texting about the doctor and how she and 32 other middle schoolers had a crush on him. I have an appointment with him the morning of the day I have the cardiologist appointment.

The cardiologist office in Houston came through. They called late in the afternoon and with the squirrels not running fast enough our connection was bad. She hung up. I quickly called her back from the house phone but the system had rolled over to the night messsage. About ten minutes went by and she called again, this time better connection. We went over what she was sending here and I thanked her because they are not used to sending referrals, they are used to getting them.

I think it once again will be time for me to demonstrate that just because someone is in their 60's, they aren't so old not to know how to do a few things. Both offices acted like GPS might be a problem for me to master....or maybe I just took it that way. I told them I would probably do a drive by just to know where I would be going...I hope they don't think that means anything other than finding the offices. Of course they were not here just a moment ago as I yelled at the squirrel when it got into the bird feeder. Now that is being an old lady if I ever thought about it.

Roy just cracked me up by saying, the things I have to do to get you a doctor appointment, teaching eighth grade boys Sunday School. Then he said don't mess this up because I don't want to have to go back to teaching student Sunday School again. I assured him it would be a life group or life Bible study now.

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