Thursday, April 6, 2017

Pre-Fibrillation And Present

It is a rainy day here in the mountains. It is also a cool temp day as well. One day you wear linen and the next day comfy workout pants and sweatshirt. The rain has been consistent but not overly heavy. Our grass has not looked this lush and green in a very long time. The view across the valley is fresh and verdant. Colors seem brighter and the cows, well, they seem the same.

After a very long and rough night of little sleep and a whole lot of shaking going on...and the shaking would be my heart in afib. Afib can be worse at night because the heart has to work harder to pump blood all the way down to your feet and back. My heart rate was all over the place but thankfully not as high as it has ever been but the duration seemed to be longer. The Fitbit can really keep the numbers and I think I was stressing over the ups and downs of my heart rate. I came downstairs to sleep in the recliner thinking that might help. Nope. So I got comfortable on the couch, found a position that didn't make my heart shake, rattle and roll and had just fallen asleep when downstairs normal noises started waking me up. So back upstairs and I finally settled in for a bit of sleep around 2:00 am. Then I woke up to answer a few texts from Roy cause I didn't want him to think I died in the night. Afib can be so strange in that I didn't feel bad, no swollen limbs or ankles, and not fatigued...well from lack of sleep but the other kind of heart fatigue is horrible. Not bad enough to go to the ER, not that I ever like to do that, and yet maybe a little more involved than an urgent care place would know what to do. I texted a few friends and asked them to pray...Texas friends because of the time difference and the hour being late. I quoted scripture and sang worship songs. I prayed for others yet at no time during this inability to go to sleep did I feel like a know cause leaders wake up bearing a heavy burden or something. One thing I have done today is to take off my Fitbit. It has made it a lot less stressful.

My brother texted me this morning and said he finally had the funeral oked for Saturday morning, graveside. He sent me the three songs he had picked out via You Tube. He did a fabulous job with the music. It should be a short service as services go. I can only imagine that he will be so happy to get back to his home in Nashville.

The hotel/resort telemarketers have taken all the fun out of pranking them. They make the call sound so real and like you are talking to a real person. I only answered the phone because you know I am waiting for a call from Houston and it was a 713 area code. Dang! Anyway, the girl sounds like she is adjusting her headset and begins the call. Once again it is for a trip to beautiful Orlando and yes, we just might be the only people in the United States that don't want to go to Orlando or to Disney World. I tried telling her that cause I still thought she was live of course I had to hang up.

So I tried to make an appointment with a cardiologist here but have to have a referral. Talked to my Houston cardiologist office and waiting on a call back. Probably my best thing is to make an appointment with a GP up here and go that route...although our insurance doesn't require a referral to see specialist. The pace of medicine and seeing Doctors and having tests run is much slower than in Houston. I might could fly back to Houston and see my cardiologist before I will ever get in to see one here.


Jennifer said...

I got the same call from the telemarker adjusting her headset the other day and it was so real sounding! Had me fooled for a minute or two because I don't like interrupting them to say I;m not interested.

Nancy Mon said...

Isn't it scary what they can do now. I don't mind interrupting them, but I'm sad I can't do my old lady voice and lead them on.