Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Attitude and Rain

The sound of gentle rain is most welcome. The sound of any rain is welcome and hopefully the afternoon and evening holds the hope of much needed moisture. It has rained off and on the past few hours but nothing major.

It is a new learning curve when it comes to appointments, especially anything medical. I am learning to accept the waiting associated on getting anything looked at or taken care of. In Houston they work you in when you have an emergency situation...not so much here. I cannot get into the root canal dentist until late next week and at a horribly early time. So, until then, it is soft foods for me.

Today is the day I have been looking toward, Dr appointment day and it would also be the day that an eighteen wheeler filled with dog food over turns right along my normal route. My spidey sense said to go the way I never chose to go and then made a zig zag free of traffic and I was just a little early for my appointment. Not old person early, barely early. Hendersonville and I haven't had too good of a relationship and even after finding a great medical practice, I still feel the same about that city. I had a good appointment with Andy...the good doctor and it was nice to catch up with him. When I left there, instead of hanging out and killing time, I decided to go home, rest and grab some lunch. I had fasted just in case there would be blood work. Soon it was time to leave for the cardiologist and they were still picking up dog food and traffic was still bad. So, I once again took the route I usually don't take and got to my appointment on time. I really liked the Dr and he was able to hook up my afib monitor to get a reading and yes, the first week of April was a doozy with afib. Wow, I knew it was bad but not as bad as the numbers proved. Back in rhythm but keeping a watchful eye on the flutters. Gave me some good instructions and I will see him again in three months.

I came home with a lack of caffeine headache but supper and a little bit of Diet Coke relieved the pain. I am pretty tired since I woke up at 4:00 am and could not go back to sleep this morning.

A good reminder in the cardiologist office waiting room...attitude is a huge factor. I was the youngest patient waiting but an older gentleman and his wife were just so darn cute. Neither one is very amble or nimble anymore but you would have thought he was still an athlete by the way he maneuvered around those chairs...in slow motion.

Now, off to relax and get a good night sleep.

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