Sunday, April 9, 2017

Checking In

Sunday evening. The towels are washing, the strawberries cut up, and a few other odds and ends done this evening around the house. It has been a very fine day. We went to Sunday School and church this morning. Judy taught a great lesson on the temptations of Jesus in the wilderness. A very good lesson. In church the choir did an Easter musical that has been so meaningful to think about and to sing. I think several of these songs will stick with me for a while. After church we came home for a few minutes and then decided to eat Mexican food at La Cantina in Biltmore Village. We strolled Biltmore Village and then headed over to The Biltmore Estate. The trees are blooming and the walled garden is filled with colorful tulips and daffodils. We walked around and took some pics. We also stopped in at the garden shop for something I saw a couple of weeks ago. We saw wonderful things, a momma and daddy goose with their yellow spiky feathered goslings. There were geese grazing in the fields but no lambs. We left with hundreds of our best friends and headed toward home. Roy was out of his breakfast sandwiches so we made a quick stop at Walmart. I stayed in the car and talked with Peggy on the phone. We got home and it wasn't too long until Roy mentioned he was starving and he suggested gas station pizza. He doesn't always request that, so I was happy to agree that it seemed like a good idea. It was.

Yesterday afternoon I finally went out of afib. I was so thankful for that to happen. The week had been difficult with a whole lot of shaking going on. My BP had been high and it returned to normal. Emotionally and physically I was drained of strength. I didn't do too much other than what had to be done. This bout shook me to my core. It has been years since I have experienced this much continuous afib. I wanted to be out and doing things because I have felt so good with new knees and working out with Taylor. So much gratitude to the Lord for answering my cried, along with Roy's and friend's prayers.

Late Friday afternoon I drove over to Charlotte to pick up precious cargo. Checked into the hotel and waited for the arrival. The plane took off late and so Roy got to our room an hour later than planned. We had been upgraded to a suite which was nice but the room was so stuffy. The hotel had been remodeled but it seemed only cosmetic. This is a huge hotel and they had one elevator off the lobby. Neither one of us rested very well and around 5:00 am Roy announced he was getting up and I said let's get ready and leave. That is what we did and stopped for breakfast on our way home. Last night I cancelled reservations we had made for the future at the same place and made reservations for where we usually stay. It was not a good experience.

Tomorrow we have a full day. We began working in the yard yesterday afternoon and will finish up that work sometime this week.

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