Thursday, April 13, 2017

Lots of Lifting, Carrying and Doing

We have the windows open and we are being treated to a delightful concert from various birds and a few insects here and there. The first carpenter bee has been trapped in a bottle on the back deck. Many have met their demise on front porch. New feeders have been purchased and hung for the birds. Roy and I have been hard at work today. Originally our plans were to drive over to Grandfather Mountain but when we realized the scale of work ahead of us, we opted to stick close to home.

On Tuesday we started the day early with Cumin and Inez. They were our tour guides to Madison County. We saw such beautiful scenes up in those mountains. Homes that have been abandoned and stories of back in the day. Madison does have the nickname of "Bloody Madison." We stopped at their cabin and Roy took off up the mountain for pictures. He was gone quite a while and we were getting a little concerned. We finally were able to get ahold of him and he was supposed to make his way back to their cabin only thing, he went to the wrong cabin with a green metal roof. Soon all these texts from him came in one after another. He took a picture of where he was standing and Cumin knew exactly where he was. So off to rescue him while Inez sat on the front porch just a laughing. It is a beautiful place to relax. Once Roy was retrieved we went back down into Marshall for lunch. Then we headed to the Redmond Dam and points beyond. We so enjoyed our day with them and look forward to the next adventure. I'll probably write about this day again in the future. Roy and I rested a bit and then we were off to Bill and Vivian's for supper. Delicious as always. Our menu was ham, parmesan potatoes, green beans, creamed corn, okra, deviled eggs and biscuits. Yum yum yum! And coconut pie for dessert. We ended our visit by sitting on the back porch with the most beautiful view of the mountains.

Wednesday, we went to Optix for Roy to look at new frames. Summer found the perfect pair that will look so sharp on him. We ran a quick errand to Ace and to Ingle's, then off to Spartanburg for a Costco run you know, because we are easily entertained. Longhorn Steakhouse was calling our names so we went there and had a late lunch. I noticed a nearby Barnes and Noble and you know, you're supposed to go and pay respects to new Barnes and you. Then we began an adventure of trying to find Andy's office in Hendersonville. Truthfully, Hendersonville and I have not had too great of experiences and a trial run was needed and I am so thankful that we did one. It seemed a little more complicated than, just across from the hospital. With that taken care of we headed toward home with hundreds of our best friends on the road. Roy accidentally loaded his Dr Enuf drinks where they would shift and he lost a couple when they crashed onto the pavement. So we stopped at a different Ingle's to get another supply loaded in. Later in the evening Brenda dropped by with some Easter goodies and lemon pie. We all had a great visit. Being tired from a full day, I fell asleep easily only to be awakened by Roy kicking the bed when he got in it. About scared the pea waddlin' out of me. It took me a good bit to fall back asleep.

So today, we have been to Lowe's twice and to Sonic twice. Once to the bank and Publix and a quick trip to the Walmart. We brought strawberries back from SC and Roy thought vanilla ice cream sounded kind of good.

While we worked outside we listened to a lot of Steve Seelig's memorial service. How encouraging and fortunate to be one that knew him. He and Bonita sent me a message while I was recuperating from hip replacement surgery in Lafayette LA. It made my day cause that was a long week with great hope.  One year for the orchestra concert Peggy, Drew and I were reprising our roles of bandit, Lone Ranger and Tonto for them as they played the William Tell Overture. I had torn my plantar fascitis and could not perform. Steve filled in and made Tonto even better. He was so funny and his life touched many for the Lord.

We still have some work to do in the back. I am sure Roy is enjoying the break as he has had to do most of the heavy lifting and carrying. We have a new flower bed and he is also putting some stone liners like he did in Katy along the fence. Always trying to imped the traffic that comes and goes under our deck in the animal, reptile and bird world.

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