Friday, March 31, 2017

Where Is The Spellcheck?

Once again from the vantage point of the living room, the view to the north looks ominous with gray clouds and darkening sky. The view to the south is sunny and blue skies. The last little bit of rain is skirting our area and the rest of the day looks to be clear and cool. We had some heavy rain showers last night and thankfully the lightning and thunder sounded at a distance. No large clap of thunder that makes the house groan.

I have training today but it is at a later time. This gives me a morning to ease into the day. I should be easing into the finishing up of getting spring and summer clothes out. The good thing about buying Flax clothing is this, it lasts for such a long time, for which I am thankful. Thus I have quite the accumulation of Flax. I think I can make it through the fall without buying anymore Flax, even if I find it on sale. Now, if it is a shirt or top....that might need different consideration. Thankfully, the shop in Biltmore Village that used to carry Flax, stopped carrying it. Whew! That cuts back temptation.

Tuesday our church had a luncheon, dare I say it, for senior adults. This spring luncheon honors those who are no longer able to come to church on a regular basis due to health. Then all us other ones get to eat lunch too. It was delicious! Such fun fellowshipping and we also took the Lord's Supper together after a short devo from Pastor Jeff.

Wednesday was quite productive as I began the aforementioned project of clothes changeout. I did some spring cleaning laundry and generally tried to get things picked up that I am so lax about. I made it over to the gym and did a good workout by myself and trying to remember good form and posture throughout. I had planned on going to the Post Office and to Lowe's afterwards, but opted to come back home. I was rewarded with a beautiful view of the pasture across the way as the day turned to dusk.

Oh and I want to celebrate a successful trash can trip up the driveway, down our road to the bottom of the hill and correct placement on the main road for trash pickup on Sunday evening. My first attempt at using the trash can instead of taking a big contractor's bag down to the road in the truck.

I had the distinct pleasure of being invited over for breakfast at Brenda's yesterday morning. She and her mom prepared quite the feast. I just might have come home with some handmade goodies that are in the form of sheep and lambs. Oh and some leftover biscuits. So bravely, this morning, I finally unpacked the new scale from its box and tried it out. Woohoo! Lost weight and I also take off six pounds of metal and cement in my knees and hip cause that weight can't ever be lost. So, I have lost twenty pounds since right after my surgery.

Well, workout, Lowes, bank and grocery store all accomplished. I did a stupid thing at the gym. I have been using one particular locker these past few weeks and when I came into the locker room I mindlessly picked a locker, attached my lock and went about my work. When I came back into the locker room, I thought my lock had been cut and my purse and headphones stolen. I went to the front desk and the lady came back with me and we began looking through the lockers and then I saw my little blue lock on a locker I have used in the past but has been occupied these last few weeks. Oh my, I apologized profusely. Gee whiz, I was sleep walking through the whole process. I was so embarrassed, I got my stuff and left. Ugh!

My brother has been texting me today and the reevaluation of my father may indicate he has had a stroke recently and might not be as close to the end as they had thought. Doug sent me a pic of his food at Escalante's this evening. He deserves a great meal. Erin also came by today. I so appreciate him keeping me informed.

The birds have more food and another feeder. Got to keep them happy. The bunny has been here several times this morning and this evening. It has cooled off and the temps are rather brisk but we are looking forward to a temperature warm up this weekend. The French Broad River is up with all the rain last night. There was a rock slide this week on a road that is used quite a bit in this area. They are saying that the road should be cleared by this weekend sometime. They have hauled 250 truckloads of rock away from the slide. Wow!

I am so saddened by the news of the wreck that killed thirteen senior adults coming back from a choir retreat in Leaky Texas. I have been there to that camp many times and it holds good memories for so many. I also spoke at a Women's Retreat at First Baptist New Braunsfels several years ago and the ladies there were so kind. When they asked me to come I asked them if they had the right person and the lady said yes. She reminded me of a conversation we had previously and she remembered how helpful I had been with information. She thought that would translate into someone who could close out the retreat. Our subject was a verse in Colossians. I have wondered if any of those ladies were on that bus? I have been praying for First Baptist New Bransfels. My spell check isn't working and I don't think I spelled that correctly. I am a mess without spellcheck.

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