Saturday, March 4, 2017

A Few Thoughts On This And That

It is a rather cool, no make that cold morning. Last night the heaters were turned a little higher temperature to combat the dropping temps in the night. It has been a good morning for observing backyard wildlife.  Once again the doves are frustrated by an icy birdbath but it is above freezing now, so it won't be long for drinking and bathing to return to normal.

Today is Go Texan Day in Houston. The trail riders are coming into Houston from points beyond on horses and in wagons. The gathering point, Memorial Park and then in the morning the rodeo parade. Schools, offices, wherever in the city...people are decked out in their western duds. I especially liked Go Texan Day when I was in elementary school because that was the only day in the year where girls got to wear jeans/pants to school. We all had various versions of Go Texan ties and outfits. Years ago Roy had a boss that participated in the BBQ cookoff before all the rodeo stuff began. Seems like it was a guarantee that it would be cold and rainy the weekend of the big BBQ cookoff. It is a huge deal with tons of people. The only way to participate is if you have a ticket to a private group that is cooking, no fun. Well, that is my opinion. The food is good, the entertainment is good and you return home smelling of smoke...not good. Jackets went to the cleaners the next day. After a couple of years, I no longer had to go. Just the group from the office went and then Roy changed jobs and we haven't been back. Thank you Jesus! Now I've been back for rodeo shopping and seeing all the animals but it has been ten years, thank you Carissa, since I've actually attended the rodeo. That's alright by me. So here is a yeehaw shoutout to Texas friends!

On Monday, much to my chagrin, I made a reference to Taylor, trainer, that he knew nothing about. He gave me a thumbs up and I said Gig Em. He looked at me like I was crazy. I was, I never say that because I didn't go to Texas A&M. So, I had to explain, to the best of my ability...which wasn't much, what Gig Em means. Thankfully, I was in my right mind and didn't try to then explain further about the whole Whoop thing. I maintained silence on that whole thing.

So I found yogurt that has fourteen grams of protein. I don't know what that means other than it is more than the regular yogurt I eat. So on game days, I mean workout days I will have the protein enriched yogurt...that tastes ok but not as good as my first choice. It seems I remember from tennis days the body needs protein or more protein on workout or game day.

Yesterday afternoon Bill and Vivian came by. Bill looked at the closet damage, assessed the situation and went to Lowe's. That left Vivian and me time to sit and visit, something we've not been able to do since I returned. It was lovely. Bill returned and spackled the holes left in the wall by fallen shelf and rack. He is coming back today to put the rack and shelf back up, but stronger and more secure than before. Now to shop! No, not really. No really, even though one of my favorite stores just sent me a letter informing me they have increased my limit on their CC. Oh my...such knowledge is too wonderful for me, but not going to shop. Well, at least for today, this weekend but triple points time...I gotta think about that.

Loved the conversation Roy and I had yesterday. He was telling me about his Bible study homework and that the writer of the study made reference to Rahab as being a hotel owner...He researched that and found it not to be true but my great spiritual addition to the conversation was maybe she ran a hotel like the Chicken Ranch...famous longtime brothel brought down by Marvin Zindler in Texas.  Then he told me about Moses and Joshua... Moses asked God for someone to lead the people when he realized that he would not be going into the Promised Land. I had nothing spiritual to add to that conversation but it did make me think about all the leadership talk that goes on in church world these days. I read an article yesterday on leadership. The author talks about a good leader loses sleep and right there I determined I am glad I have never been a leader type because I like to sleep. So there is the lesson boys and girls, the teachable moment, if you like to sleep, don't be the'll get more sleep if you are in middle management. You'll probably have more work though. We all have sleepless nights, leaders or not and we all have choices what we do with those sleepless nights. Toss and turn...get up and read...take time to pray...journal... Most important sleepless night action, to listen. Those late night sleepless times come when we are so busy...too preoccupied...talking...during daylight hours.  They come when God can get our attention and when we are not distracted. Note to self...first thing is not pick up my phone to check for messages or FB or email or check my Fitbit to see how I am sleeping.
Yesterday afternoon was a little more filled than I had planned, which is good. I got all the bags of stuff to Salvation Army. Then I went to my workout with Taylor. So good and informative and I came home with homework for the weekend. Then I went into Asheville to go to Home Goods and Whole Foods. All my spring stuff to decorate with is in Katy, so I got  a few springy thingies to spring up the downstairs and that will be about it for spring decorating but I might add a few more Easter things cause they are just so darn cute. Vivian texted me that she had baked me a pecan pie and of course I readily volunteered to come by and get it. We had another great afternoon of catching up and then I came home with a pie, spring decor, peeled oranges and I came home to a closet rack fixed, secured and ready for many more clothes. No, not going to do that now and hopefully that determination will stick but not promising anything.

I would have finished out yesterday's blog post by saying I slept like a middle manager on Thursday night. I would have also added that on Thursday I wore two different, not matching earrings all day...saw one said a word. Brenda R told me last night that it is a new trend. Oh good cause this is the second time I have done this in six months. I have two sets of everyday earrings and sometimes I put one in, ADD kicks in and I do something else, and then I come back and put an earring in from the other pair.

Last night I didn't sleep at little Marilyn McCoo to begin your day. Two fun phone calls last evening kind of got me to thinking and I could not settle it was fitful without me even checking Fitbit. I would have also concluded the post yesterday by saying this past week there have been a lot of nights of waking up and not going back to sleep and then when I came across the article, it just tickled me cause of this week's experiences and the sleepless nights had nothing to do with leadership. But I did listen and pray those fitful nights and I am so glad I did.

The temps are below freezing and the warm up is into the 50's today. I have some closet rearranging to do and hopefully a nap will happen this afternoon.

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