Friday, March 10, 2017

Snowstorm Anticipation

If the weather guys are right, there should be some snow on snow, snow on snow in the bleak mid March time, I think I'm prepared for snow. Or at least as prepared as I know how to be. Sounds like everything gets started tomorrow afternoon in the upper elevations and then as the evening continues we should begin to see the rain turn into snow. I had planned on going to the grocery store this morning since my workout wasn't until 1:00 today. It wasn't hectic but I am sure by this afternoon the lines are longer for bread and milk. That seems to be the snow storm food of choice. It is like hurricane preparation, only we aren't buying milk cause it will go bad with the lack of electricity and the heavy humidity and heat. That is where Pop Tarts come in and just to be on the safe side I do have a box of those bought previously. I have plenty to eat but you know when weather is bad you have to have a little something sweet, so I did buy a few little extra things like that. I also got some bills mailed on the way to working out just in case Monday's roads were bad. Then just like hurricane prep, I filled up the truck with gas. So, I am ready, I think.

Last night this colder weather was ushered into our area by some very strong storms. I kept my attention throughout the evening on the radar. Usually all those reds, turn into yellow and green on the screen, but this time the mountains didn't slow down the storms as much as I have seen before. I went to bed and about 3:00 am, the loudest clap of thunder, so close, with such intensity, shook the house...shook it and the house groaned. Yes, it did and I jumped out of bed, grabbed my glasses and began to look for any damage. The weather app said the lightning strike was .09 away to the south. I surely hoped all the cows across the way were sheltering in their barn. It thundered several more times but nothing, NO NOTHING, like that 3:00 am wake up call. I sometimes forget that now instead of being 50 feet above sea level, I am now however many feet above sea level...maybe 2000? That's just a guess on my part. I just went to the Google, it's about 1,913'. The average elevation of Leicester is 2,100', so my guesstimate wasn't too far off. The point before the rabbit trail, we be closer to the sky and clouds and lightning. It took me a while to settle down and fall back to sleep. I would have slept longer except you know, the whole better get to the grocery store thing was the thought in the back of my mind.

Just got an email from Lowe's offering snowstorm products. Well, the marketing dept is on top of things.

My workout today was good. I am feeling more comfortable with an increased stride and I can feel those muscles in my hips firing away. We added more weight training this afternoon. Of course I have homework this weekend. Don't mind having it at all.

So that's about it on the snow storm anticipation. We shall see how it all goes down. And I bought a different brand of french vanilla coffee to try in the morning.

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