Friday, March 17, 2017

Out of Low Winter Temps

Yesterday was a weather/black ice/cold temps stay at home day with an extra emphasis of ensconcement on my part. To commemorate the day I wore my very favorite, well worn, well loved sweatshirt that has been with me for over twenty years of meritorious service. The cuffs are fraying but other than that I believe there is twenty more years of wear in this sweatshirt. It is not even a cute sweatshirt, it is light gray...yep that's it. I took this sweatshirt to the rehab hospital for those difficult days of hard work and lots of surgical pain. I also spent the morning reading favorite verses and chapters from the Bible. The comfort and hope they've brought through the years in and out of different seasons of life was assuring and went so well with the beloved sweatshirt. I tackled a project or two. While in Texas, I ordered floor lamps for use here. I put them together, thankfully there wasn't anything on the box that said easy assembly, and then put them in the twin bedroom. The packing foam broke apart all over, so I cleaned it all up and called it a project well done. I also unpacked a hanging rack that I ordered while in Texas and put it up. All the while wearing my favorite sweatshirt and thinking on what I had read.

I think that Margaret Feinberg is one of my all time favorite authors. Her words and thoughts mesh with how I think and express myself. Even the devo I am using this year by her, even the tough subjects and sin that needs to be confronted in my life, resonates and calls me to action. So many feel this way about Ann Voskamp. Her style of writing should speak to me, narrative prose, but I had the hardest time reading her first book. I gave up in frustration.

During the weather related home day I also took the time to journal in depth. I'm always writing things down but yesterday I took time to contemplate and express. Because I love notebooks, journals and office supplies in general, I used a new journal that I recently purchased...I know, like I needed another journal. This new one has characteristics that none of the others have and it came with a little stencil thing to add emphasis to your writing. Winner winner chicken dinner cause I rely on stencils because this girl ain't got no art talent.
I kind of eased into the day yesterday but when the temps were closer to getting about freezing I got out and ran errands. During the floor lamp project I realized that our light bulb stash was down to next to nothing. So the first stop Lowe's and I also stocked up on some bird seed. Then I went to the bank, grocery store, Cottage Door consignment shop and Ace Hardware. It was getting past lunch time so I called in a gas station pizza. Then I swung by CVS and then on my way for pizza pick up then home.

Brenda dropped by on her way home in the late afternoon. We got caught up with life and the time got away from us. She needed to get home and fix supper. Since I had pizza for lunch I opted for a sandwich while watching the birds in the backyard. The medium and small bunny were both back in the yard and a spat ensuded. At least it looked like a fight to me, lots of jumping and egging one another on. The bunnies went out of view but the birds kept on rolling. Two neighborhood dogs that I usually see once a year came through, a golden retriever and a boxer. Then they went back the way they came. I saw my first blue bird of the season, not blue jays, but I have seen a lot of blue jays too.

It's a workout day for me, so off to get ready.

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