Thursday, March 9, 2017

Second Cup Is Better Than The First

I'm trying a new brand of coffee this morning...meh... I love french vanilla and last year Fresh Market carried a blend that was so good. This spring FM seems to be into dessert flavored coffee. I bought vanilla creme' from Smoky Mountain Roasters...meh... Think I will have some Community Coffee sent this way, their french vanilla and their caramel drizzle. I still have two bags of Mardi Gras coffee and the delicious butterscotch flavor from Smoky Mountain Roasters.

Last night I went to bed before 10:00. Daylight Saving Time is going to kind of mess up the schedule getting used to the time change, so I'm resting up now. I had a good day. I had planned to go up Johnson City way because they have an Academy and I wanted to stop in at Barnes and Noble to see if the magazine I like was in. There are a bunch of shops together there and it makes for a fun day of looking. But I changed my mind and decided to head down the dreaded I 26 south to Biltmore Park. Traffic wasn't too bad and after finding my magazine at Barnes I planned to go over to Airport Road. Just as I got into the truck I got a text saying traffic was backed up near that exit due to maintenance. So, I opted for an early lunch at Moose Cafe. They seated me at a booth and I saw the Inn on the Biltmore Estate in the distance and decided to do a drive through to see how far along the flowers and blooms are in the garden. The drive on the approach road is one of my favorites and while the daffodils were in full glory, everything else is kind of at the wait and see stage...some of the tulips had color in the walled garden. I thought about stopping in at the garden center but opted to keep on rolling. I was treated to the delightful sight of geese grazing in a pasture...they are vegetarian and one sole lamb at the sheep barn. If I had brought a warmer coat, I would have gotten out and walked on a trail so a little bit since the day held sunshine.

Once I got home I worked on getting the last big suitcase put up. I filled it with winter clothes that I don't think I will wear again until later in the year, but we might have snow on Sunday. I might have to pull that suitcase back out. I didn't pull out too many sweaters this year since I knew I'd be in Houston and only have the occasion to wear a sweater once or twice the whole time I was there. Silly me, I brought a bunch of sweatshirts though....only wore them when I was in my freezing stage the first four weeks after surgery and then I seemed to wear the same one over and over.

Publix had strawberries on sale and I needed to get those I bought cut up. Done and done. The strawberries are flavorful and it makes me look forward to the short strawberry season here the first part of May.

I went to bed before 10:00 last night like I wrote previously but I awoke a little before 4:00 am because I heard a noise. It was not a creature stirring or a human noise, it was a clicking noise and not consistently. So, I'd drift off to sleep and hear it and be awake once again. I got up and checked the thermostat because it sounded like it could be that trying to shut off. Nope. I walked around and turned off all the fans and air filters that I use mainly for background noise to see if it was one of them. Nope. Kept hearing the clicking and finally I had a Sherlock moment and deduced it was coming from a timer that we have on a light. Consarn these modern inventions that make life easier. I unplugged the timer and silence resumed. I only wish going back to sleep would have come as quickly but it took a while. Around 7:00 am, I heard my phone vibrating with the sound of emails. I checked them and did a quick return email and went back to sleep till a little past 8:00. I sleep through thunderstorms but the sound of a little click awakens me. Oh and by waking up in the middle of the night did I at any time think I was a leader bearing the weight of marketing or anything like that.

So, I am easing into the day. Going to be in the low 70's but on Sunday we might have snow. The ups and downs of temps isn't just a Houston thing.

I'm settling back into mountain life. I've kind of been a homebody. It is good for me to take the time to be quiet, read, and work. Funny, when I took exit 50 toward the Biltmore yesterday, I had that calm, living here feeling not the anticipation that I used to feel when we made that turn toward our home for the week. I never tire of the road to Canton and love the beauty of each season. The barn with the wheelbarrow on top of it collapsed but I am happy to report, the wheelbarrow is still attached to the roof. The tree that held the shape of a camel, well, some large branches have fallen due to the wind, so the camel shape is gone.

Well, I better get moving into the day. The second cup of french vanilla coffee tasted better than the first, so there is hope.

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