Friday, March 24, 2017

Maybe The Turn To Spring

There is a stump close to the gravel road behind us. In the past we have seen chips of tree stump lying about and close to another tree. The answer to the chips of bark came the other evening when I had pulled into the garage. A bright red headed woodpecker worked intensely and intently looking for his supper...bugs. We see several woodpeckers throughout the year but not on a regular basis, so it was a treat. The feeder and shrubs around it were filled with all varieties of birds and the splashes and flashes of color mesmerize me.

Today I get a much needed hair trim. Christine needed to change the appointment time and although I don't like later appointments usually, I was happy to help with her schedule. I will run a few errands afterwards but will probably go early to find a parking spot.

My father is officially under hospice care now. I did finally remember a fun time with him. I must have been about three and I would accompany him on Saturday errands. So, this is back in the day when we didn't need no stinkin' car seat and I stood next to him as he drove. We would sing Little Darling together. Even though we haven't had contact for five years and all the years before were certainly chaotic and traumatic, you can look to find the good amongst the evil perpetrated against you. Both my brother and I have qualities now that were forged from intense pain and circumstances. We have both been able to walk with others who have lived with similar circumstances and encourage them that things can and do turn out better than you'd ever think. We understand the language of double meaning and when silence, or words have a different intent, Only those who have walked this kind of path understand while others who have been so fortunate not to experience this kind of thing, look at you and question decisions. Oh my, they haven't a clue. Thankfully, I had a therapist who helped me understand this and who gave guidance as I forged ahead to emotional, spiritual and physical health and healing. I am keeping my brother in constant prayer remembering those times that we needed such strength and patience when we were taking and staying with my father in the ER and when he'd check himself in at MD Anderson. This is much different except for the energy that can be zapped.

The young cows across the way were feeling fine and frisky yesterday afternoon. Lots of head butting and chasing one another. At one point the older cows surrounded the rowdy group as if to stop the shenanigans but after a while, they moved onto their grazing letting the young ones duke it out. Maybe with the intent they'll get tired after a bit.
We are supposed to warm up today and over the weekend. Ray's Weather, the definitive WNC guru, even said we can begin the wardrobe switch. The heat pumps are running this morning to take the chill out of the air in the house. It's a hazy start with the sun breaking through the haze and clouds. I can hear a blue jay in the distance and almost every morning of late I have awakened to the sound of the cardinal song.

I was away from home most of the day yesterday. There was a post office package pick up, Biltmore Village parking search, a quick looksee or two in some shops, lunch at La Cantina, haircut and color, Target, Home Goods, and Whole Foods. La Cantina is about the closest in providing good Mexican food that reminds me of what we find in the Houston area. They charge for chips and salsa I get queso and chips, then have a snack for the next day. I like their black and blue nachos. So it was unpacking the truck and eating leftovers for supper when I got back home. The clock that has USB ports in it by the bed has been acting kind of wacky, not charging anything. So I messed with that for a bit and then gave up and unplugged the clock. Back to the old fashioned wall plug in with USB ports. Did a little bit of PT homework and then settled in to watch some TV.

Roy had called Duke Energy earlier in the week and they sent out an engineer yesterday. We are having a street light installed over our driveway. That should happen in the next two weeks. The work on the front porch will begin about that time too. Lots of improvements to come.

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