Saturday, March 11, 2017

A Day, With Sat and Tur

After two nights of being awake in the middle of the morning in the middle of the night, I was so thankful to have a good night's rest. Even confirmed by my Fitbit sleep tracker. Taylor mentioned in our workout session yesterday that I seemed a bit off and I knew it was from lack of sleep and rest. The new coffee this morning is tasting pretty good but I am still ever on the search.

The early sunlight has now changed over to gray skies. It has been fun watching two sparrows this morning gather dead grass and other materials to build a nest. The nest they are building is in a tree/fir in the front yard. Bunny Foo Foo was out this morning as well. The cast of regulars, birds of different varieties, come and go as they eat and probably have a sense to prepare for a cold night ahead.

It dawned on me yesterday while applying makeup that the foundation I use comes in a bottle that the top cannot be unscrewed or undone. So unlike other foundations where the bottle can be turned upside down to get the last little bit of makeup before opening a new bottle, your foundation usage is already determined by the manufacturer. Guess you can tell I am getting to the end of the present bottle.

The winter storm that is overtaking TN through the Carolina's today and tomorrow is named Stella.

Flourish, the devo book by Margaret Feinberg, is really so good and is just the devo book for such a time as this. I am in the section Bursting With Life. The chapter I read this morning is How To (Not) Enjoy Life. Yep, it is about attitudes and words that rob and threaten living an abundant life. The verse, "do everything without complaining and arguing" Philippians 4:2 NLT. When Beth Moore still taught Sunday School at First Baptist Houston, she talked about what Paul endured. The visual she used as she named them off was that of an old timey adding machine where you punched in the numbers and then had to pull the handle on the side of the machine down for the numbers to be included in the adding. She was naming and pulling that imaginary handle down rather quickly. It is one of  Lisa P and my favorite memories of her class. Paul had a whole lot of reasons to complain but he holds his tongue and he in turn is teaching the Philippians.

"Paul never suggests that believers deny any sorrow or adversity they face, but rather recognize, that even in the midst of affliction, they can control their tongue-including the brass and the sass. 
When we respond ready and cheerful, we become like a breath of fresh air in a smog-chocked city. Those around us catch snapshots of God and see the world in a better light."
Flourish, Margaret Feinberg

So, that no complaining thing has to apply to this weekends big daylight savings time. Why is the fall change so much easier to adjust to? Well, I do enjoy having longer evening hours with daylight. In the summer that translates to about 9:00 pm in these here parts. 

The past few days while doing the regular stuff as I drive around, I have noticed more houses that are hidden by the trees most of the year. I wonder how people get to some of those houses? Really, there is such beauty in all four seasons of the year around here. 

I think one of the reasons I slept so well last night was the rejuvenation from the deep tissue machine that Taylor has. As we ended the session yesterday, he used it on my right hip and then on quads with emphasis around my knees. Oh my word! I might have could have sang a song. Yes, I know bad grammar. The nerves that hurt trying to come back are helped so much by this. It helps with connective tissue and when the blood is flowing freely, healing is happening. I could have jumped off that table and could have sang and marched as I did, I'm a soldier in the army of the Lord! 

Well, I have eased into the day longer than I had planned. So I better be about the business of the day. 

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