Wednesday, March 1, 2017

We Will Remember....And Then We Will Move Things From Closet to Closet

Yesterday afternoon with a misty rain falling our backyard was alive with birds, bunnies and a squirrel. It looked like there would be a territorial fight on the ground with two of the bunnies but they were able to find agreement and they grazed at opposite ends of the yard. Two birds, I need to look at my bird book cause I can't remember their name, maybe a thrush were duking it out in the air. That is some fast flying and pinpoint maneuvers on their part. We have three bunnies that regularly visit and their descriptions are kind of like the three bears, a big bunny, a medium bunny and a small bunny with distinguishable markings of a rust color throughout its fur. Medium bunny was out early this morning and then dashed back to the confines of the tall grasses on down the gravel road.

I'm happy to have these days here at home. It sounds silly but there is adjustment returning from Texas to here, just as there is adjustment when I leave here and go back to Texas. Part of the adjusting is getting things reorganized and ready for life out here in the country. There is an adjustment to the pace of life...which is easier to adjust to here. Then adding in a workout routine and timing which I haven't practiced in a very long time. Being in the gym used to be just like was a constant. When I quite playing tennis, I quit going to the gym. I was telling Taylor on Monday that I had a personal trainer, private tennis lessons and then group tennis lessons with my team. We were talking about the positives for one on one training and help. He was preaching to the choir. Some chores that made me kind of nervous previously do not seem so precarious to me now due to better balance and knees. They say, whoever they is, that every three months you feel better and better after knee replacements. I quit counting the weeks when I reached the three month mark. Something I have noticed this morning is nerve activity. Nerves around my knees and up a bit on my thighs are letting me know they are trying to rejuvenate. While a little uncomfortable I am happy to feel that especially since I hadn't recovered all feeling from my ablation and some from my hip replacement.

Which I am celebrating my five year anniversary of that very heart ablation. It changed my heart life for sure. Emily and David came up to the hospital and sat with Roy. I remember when the Doctors came in and explained the process that Roy's face reflected his first understanding of how serious this was. Here is post synopsis here

The rest of the day did not go as planned. Yes, I went to take care of my prescription and on the way I stopped at Lowe's to look at mobile storage containers. Why? Because one side of my closet shelf and rod fell down. It couldn't handle anymore. So, until it is repaired, I have gone to plan B which is move those clothes to the front bedroom closet. Before I could do that, I needed to clean out the front bedroom closet. I mainly have scrapbook stuff, journals, paper and all kinds of neat stuff in that closet. Yes, last year I went through it and gave a lot of stuff away but today it was serious time and stuff went in to the to go bags very quickly...with little regret. A lot went to the garbage and well still a lot will remain, but it is down into a manageable mess. I also was assertive on clothes going to the to go bags. And purses too. I'd also do shoes but that isn't a high priority right now. So I got my workout here and not at the wellness center like I had planned. Vivian and Bill, friends extraordinaire, have volunteered to come over tomorrow and give the assessment of the damage done and how to fix it...don't think it is fixable or what the solution is. Glad Bill keeps a running tab of all he does for us. I may have to get a job...a good job.

Now to figure out what's for supper. I may defrost something.

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