Tuesday, February 28, 2017

No Brilliance But Projects And Diversions

Oh beautiful Tuesday morning. Sun breaking through the clouds and the birds in the back are singing up a storm...which I understand we might have rain later today and storms tomorrow. I am easing into the morning with King Cake Coffee by Community Coffee. We packed several bags of it for here. It is a seasonal coffee in Texas and nonexistent here. The stores carry the basic Community Coffees, not too many of the flavored variety. So today is Mardi Gras and some beignets would be nice. I read that a coffee shop here in the general area is serving such fine fare but alas, I chose easing into the morning.

Today all the fall flare is being packed away. I left my spring decorations in Texas, so a few might need to be purchased by the end of the week. Easter is in April this year so there is more time to enjoy spring decor. Another suitcase emptied and stored yesterday. A slow process for sure. I hung my new picture in the bonus room but just to see if it fits the space. I need to take all the packing material and such off of it.  Surprise to no one, it is a cute drawing and painting of a sheep.

I am still feeling the benefits of yesterdays session with Taylor. My shoulders have never felt so good...well that I can remember. I am sure they felt pretty good when I was younger. I did some of my stretches this morning. So less shoulder usage and more hip flexors and lat usage is in order today.

Now I am writing a little later in the day and I have seen such a wondrous sight. A few hours ago our backyard was filled....filled with goldfinches. Oh it was so fun to watch them flit and fly. They gathered around the bird feeder and the bird bath. They were in the trees and in the butterfly bushes. There were some wrens with them as well and I watched totally captivated by the beauty of golden flashes across the yard. Just like that, they were gone. I couldn't even move fast enough to take any kind of a picture but I am reminded that moments are always to be caught by a camera lense but should be captured by my heart.

I began this morning with some brilliant ideas...only thing...I could not brilliantly pull them off. In fact I am contemplating these projects. For one I can go with the ordinary but I'd like to think of something unusual or rustic or industrial in presentation. Why would I buy pendant lamps that don't have an off and on switch. I can fix the problem with remote control plugs...so that isn't the problem...hanging them and I'd rather not use the tried and true 1970's version of a hook in the ceiling. I shall Google and Pinterest this evening.

Got the fall put up. Vacuumed the downstairs. Hung a picture and contemplating the second one and where it will look the best. There always seems to be something to take care of and I don't mind that a bit. Roy told me he needs new glasses and he'll have the rest of his dental work done tomorrow. He is getting a crown.

Guess my little break time is over and it is time to get back with it but first maybe, I should check the backyard and see if there are any birds to divert my attention.

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