Monday, February 27, 2017

Looking At The Ordinary In A Different Light

It is feeling like a Sunday afternoon nap might just take place. Of course I will get everything done that I need to do before taking a little nappy. Gathering up the garbage to take down to the road and putting up a few things from Target are probably the most important on my list of things to do. Happily, I unpacked one big suitcase yesterday and just have one more big suitcase to go. That can wait till this week.

Yesterday afternoon after running to Tractor Supply for some bird seed, I returned and made my mama's black eye pea jambalaya. Turned out good and I froze most of it for meals in the coming months. Thought about making some cornbread to go with it but opted out of that idea.
It's a blustery cool day here in the mountains. I had my first workout at the wellness center this morning. I like the approach that Taylor is taking and getting back to the beginning of building core strength and coordination before going onto just plain old strength. He used the jackhammer thing once again on my neck and shoulders. We also used the foam roller for my very tight calf muscles. He is coaxing different muscles in my back, shoulder and core awake and become useful once again. I really like his plan of action for the coming few months.

My intention was to stop at CVS about a prescription and then go to the bank and a quick stop into Publix. Well, I totally forgot my prescription but I made it to the bank and store. I ran into Bill while shopping and searched for Vivian but we missed each other and I saw her briefly leaving the check out.

It seems to me we don't even have to Google anything to find info. It is right there for us in our FB feed and Twitter. I am learning the signs of several diseases, know when it is time to detox, how to use Coke or Vicks in way I never even thought about. Every political stance or lack of stance is available...I can find recipes, DIY projects and take all kinds of tests to see if I am a genius or if I know all the grammar rules. I wasn't too impress with the genius test cause I got all the answers right. The last four questions were math related and I guessed the answers. So maybe I am just a good guesser. Who knows? You can have a quiet time reading lots of posts or you can find any number of people willing to tell you what to do cause they have their lives all figured out and why wouldn't we want to be like them?  Well, I can think of several answers there. In all that I read this morning one particular story stood out...that where the temple was located or where the Dome of the Rock is located...the temple mount as it is called started out as just an ordinary hill where wheat was threshed, it was hardly worth noticing. Ordinary... The devo sent out by Wayne Stiles this morning...what happens when the ordinary becomes wonderful? Well, the ordinary was made holy because God chose it. The past few days as I have driven what has now become very familiar roads, I have taken the time to see the wonder and beauty. The trees are dormant and few leaves hang from the trees. But in the midst of dead grass, dormant trees, homes with little puffs of smoke coming out of the chimney tops, birds in pursuit of food or a home, cows in the fields, horses....a few bales of hay. Ordinary but God has made it so holy to me.

I went to choir practice last night...for the first time here in a long time. So enjoyed being back with choir friends. It has been a while since I have driven these back roads at night and so last night going and coming back I was alert to deer or other animals being in the road. That isn't a skill I use too much in Houston. Oh, there are other things to watch out for along the highways and byways.

Well, even though I have done some work around here, I need to get more done. So off the computer and back to work.

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